how to organize your day when you have limited hours and lots to do


How to Organize Your Workday (when you have Limited Hours and Lots to Do)

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Being a business owner is NO joke – especially when you add on being a mama and having a life outside the office. How can you juggle daily to-do’s on top of all the other things that make your day busy? Can you continue to grow a business with lots to do and only a few hours to do it?

^^ you CAN! And it’s more than just managing TIME… it’s finding a RHYTHM that works for you so that you can organize your workday in a way that allows you to get things DONE, no matter how few hours you’ve got in a day.

I’ve talked about how I manage my week before (read this post + watch this video!!). When planning out my week, it all starts with my DAY! How do I juggle the daily to-do’s in my business? How do I prioritize my daily tasks? Let me show you!

Daily To-Do’s

It really is as simple as it sounds… Daily to-do’s are recurring business to-do’s! These are things you find to “rinse & repeat” on a regular basis! Here’s the thing: Daily to-do’s don’t have to actually happen daily – they could be weekly or monthly… but  they are RECURRING to-do’s in your business! You need to have a system in place to track and manage these tasks. Once you do – you will have more time for big picture business projects & dreams! 

Before we talk about that, let’s go one step further: there are two categories of daily to-do’s – 

Marketing & Maintenance 

Marketing: getting new clients & building brand awareness so that profitability happens! 

Maintenance: serving existing clients well! Not forgetting your current customer base, products or services! 

These are what your daily to-do’s should be made up of: ways to manage these two main categories of tasks! I keep a checklist on my “My Week” Trello Board (here!) so I don’t forget these recurring tasks and I can give my brain space for other things. I start EVERY week with my Marketing & Maintenance tasks: they are THAT important for the life of my business + my clients!! If you know what you need to do each week, it will make it MUCH easier for you to plan around your limited office hours! Have a plan to tackle these tasks first and after they’re done, you can begin to focus on tasks that will help your dreams take better shape.

Trello board to manage weekly to dos for business

If you are able to create a system to manage your DAILYS, you can begin to add action items for your big dreams around those daily tasks. When you’re working with limited office hours, focus and systems are truly your friend! Know what you need to do and knock it out. 



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