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Impact of an Integrator: Brands That Book Feature


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If you’re the visionary of your business and are starting to realize that you just can’t go it alone, then I’ve got something special for you! I recently sat down with Davy and Krista Jones for an interview on their podcast, Brands that Book, and talked ALL about what being an integrator entails. Integrators are here to help you make sure that all of those big dreams you’re dreaming can actually happen! So grab your coffee (we won’t talk about which reheat I’m currently on), and let’s dive into “The Impact of an Integrator.” 

Davey, Krista, and I dove in-depth together about what an integrator is and why even if you’re not ready to hire one, you can still learn something about chasing those big dreams. I’ve completely fallen in love with this role that I get to share with some amazing business owners! Although I’ve never considered myself a “systems and workflow” person, I KNOW business. As an integrator, I’ve got the chance to help other business owners accomplish so many of their goals. 

Inside this episode you’ll hear:

  • What kind of tasks an integrator performs
  • When you should consider bringing on an integrator
  • What to do if someone has these skills on your team already
  • How I became an integrator 
  • Lessons learned from an integrator 


Grab your earbuds & listen to the episode today!! 



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Podcast feature on Brands That Book: the impact of an integrator
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