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Integration Agency

You're exhausting your day trying to be both the dreamer and the doer. And now you don't have to. 

Think of us as your copilot.

You know where you want to go, and we've got the map to get you there!

Are you trying to grow + scale your digital business, feeling exhausted & overwhelmed doing it all alone? 

It doesn't have to be that way!

You don't need to be your own copywriter, graphic designer, course creator, launch specialist, tech support AND the face of your brand.

In fact, you SHOULDN'T be doing it all (or spending 40+ hours googling how)

I want you to: 

Stop writing & scheduling your own emails in Flodesk. 

Stop building out your funnels at 2am.

Stop putting off that new product because you don't have the time (or the know-how).

You're the Visionary.
Not the employee. 

It's time to have a supportive team behind you helping you achieve your digital biz dreams!

You dream it.
We do it. 

It's time to get out of the weeds, and *finally* take your digital biz to the next level! 

You dream it.
We do it. 

Anna & Ryan, Refuge & Co

"We had been trying to launch our shop for over a year with no success because of time. Kat and her team came in and within 2 months our shop was live! 

Not only were our expectations met, they were exceeded! We experienced exceptional customer service, extraordinary turn around times, and excellent work performed on all projects!" 

Lauren Fair, Lauren Fair Photography

"Kat and Jordan both were SO on top of everything, helped organize my entire back end system, and successfully ran two product launches that absolutely gave me more revenue than I would have alone! 

 From copywriting to opt-ins and product launches, the KS Agency is a master at organization and grew my email list significantly just in three months." 

Katelyn James, Katelyn James Photography

"I really loved that Kat constantly realized that the goal was for me to be hands off (that comes from her understanding what it feels like to be at the helm of a company!).

I teach my students to outsource whenever they can but I wasn't fully following through in my own business. Kat and her team made me realize just how much is possible when you hand over tasks and trust a team to push certain parts of your business forward on auto-pilot!!" 

Meredith , cake & Confetti

"My site was really outdated but I continued to put the project off because it seemed like such a huge undertaking. Updating my website with Jordan & the rest of the KS team was such a painless process! Jordan's so organized and I really appreciate her attention to detail.

I'm so happy with the finished product!"

If you're looking for:


As an Integrator Agency our job is to work alongside you (the Visionary!) to navigate project management, streamline systems, manage tasks & keep a pulse on business stats


Just becaue you don't have the finances or desire to grow your own team doesn't mean you can't have growth! KS Agency brings our team to you included in your monthly retainer!


We've got it! After all, we've already helped over 58 clients take their business to the next level by taking tasks and operations off their hands so they can keep doing what they do best...imagine new possibilites!


Click here to see *all* we can do!

Full service digital product support - from Top of Funnel content to Evergreen Funnels to Live Launch

Included in all monthly retainer packages:

Complete project management of all the moving to-do's

3 month minimum, beginning at $2,000 per month


Zoom Calls for check-ins and ongoing strategy

20, 30 or 40 hours of implementation per month

Weekly Slack access with the KS Agency

Digital product strategy + high-level support 

The KS Agency Packages



One 60-minute Zoom call  (recorded to keep!) with a KS Agency Project Manager

This 1:1 Package Includes:

Total assessment of project scope to ensure all pieces are properly in place 



Ideal for live launch prep, Evergreen Funnel build-out, Content Board Creation or new product launches

Creation of a Project Plan Roadmap as an easy to follow Google Doc



3-hour Virtual Zoom VIP Experience with either a Project Manager or Agency Founder, Kat Schmoyer, to map out your project pan, answer questions and allow our team to project in the moment support for your tech & tools

This Package Includes:

1-hour follow up on Zoom good for 30 days post-VIP day for continued support and check-in!

$1,800 with project manager or $2,500 with Kat Schmoyer


Ideal for Solopreneurs or small teams working on a live launch or  evergreen funnels


VIP Day's are worth it

I never would have done this on my own, and for sure not in ONE DAY! 

For 4 years I totally neglected my ConvertKit and just tagged anything I thought was necessary...which ended up being a tangled web of complicated funnels that were not working properly! ENTER KAT. 

— Becca Campbell of Little Z Sleep

Now I am able to see the leads coming in and I can relax knowing they are going in their right place and being pitched what they need thanks to her organizational work! 

In one day Kat was able to clean up the guts of my ConvertKit to focus on the tags and functions that were needed, and get rid of the rest! Since my VIP Day I've seen the back end of ConvertKit actually work FOR me and not confuse me!

Stop waiting. Let's (finally) do it! 

The team is able to take any idea that I have and run with it — so much faster than I'm able to on my own!! And the quality of the work is impeccable, and totally matches my own brand!!!

New funnels built to convert

Check out some of our latest projects

We'll catch (and do!) all the ideas you throw our way.

"As a visionary, thought leader and trailblazer, working with Jordan, Meg, Kat and the ENTIRE team at The KS Agency has been the most life giving biz experience. 

Ideas for days? we got this. 

Let us do the Live Launch Heavy Lifting.

"Working with the KS Agency has given us the power and flexibility of an entire TEAM behind our business! 


These two amazing people allow us to stay in the visionary seat while they take our ideas, content, and direction and bring them to life!" 

A HUGE shoutout to KS Agency team members like Madison who designs our slide decks, downloadable PDF worksheets, and course workbooks for our educational content and Becca who builds out our educational content within our platform and connects all the dots for email scheduling! 

Working with Rylie (and team!) has been one of the best experiences in my business so far! I've been able to make SO much progress on projects on the digital side of my business that had been pushed to the back burner for far too long. I'm so relieved they're finally being tackled and allowing me to really step into the role of CEO and not handling every moving piece myself!"

"I've absolutely loved working with Rylie, my project manager! She's so organized, detailed & always upbeat! 

Jordan and crew in their Zone of Genius have empowered me to stay in mine. I'm forever grateful for the gift of sustainable biz growth and scalability that this team has afforded me. It's been a gamechanger and I don't envision a future for my brands without them in it." 

As someone who moves fast and makes things happen, these ladies have kept pace with me and my ideas by executing them just as quickly as I come up with them. 

— Manali , Manali Photography

— Courtney Wolfe of Invision Events

— Erica + Jon of Erica + Jon Photography

With every client our work varies (because every digital biz is unique!). But here's a bit more about what specifically we can do (so you don't have to)!


Conversion focused copywriting for live launch sales emails and evergreen funnels 

Evergreen funnel set up and optimization 

Live launch set up and managing 

Product creation (example: complete Kajabi set up for your course) 

Ongoing product support for digital products like memberships that have monthly tasks + upkeep 

Data and metrics tracking (example: funnel conversions)

Opt in creation in Canva 

Tech and logistics set up & upkeep in tools like Zapier, Kajabi, Flodesk, ConvertKit, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Canva, Showit and Deadline Funnel. 


Graphic design for sales, launches, promotions 

Social media content writing and scheduling (IG, FB)

Pinterest scheduling (Tailwind) 

Content Calendar creation, strategy and ongoing management (so you know the content is strategic *and* getting done!) 

Blog writing and implementing 

YouTube scheduling, writing and implementing

Podcast scheduling, writing and implementing 

Ongoing Email Newsletter writing and scheduling 


Helping to asses viable projects you should tackle in your biz based on your goals and your revenue

Complete project outline + deadlines + task list

High level strategy for completion of project

Delegation + overseeing of project tasks to team 


If you have a team:

If you don't have a team:

Full access to the KS Agency team for all of the above tasks so that you don’t feel the pressure of having to hire. We are a full service agency with the experience and know-how to implement the tasks outlined above. You will work 1:1 with Kat as your integrator and she delegates to her agency team as needed based on your specific business tasks. 

Team management and delegation to your team so you are hands free from managing

Complete immersion into your team dynamic (examples: leading team meetings, available for weekly questions, & keeping an overall team pulse) 

A Look At All We Do

tech we use on the daily:


really awesome

catherine guidry EDUCATION





Ever since I hired the KS Agency, my monthly revenue has tripled!! My email funnels are so automated that I don't even have to think about it!

Working with the KS agency. I felt like I was working with my best friends! It was a group of women who were supporting me the entire way through. They wanted to bring my vision to life. They heard my concerns, they heard my goals and they made it come to life. It was honestly magical.  After hiring them, I have more time for myself more time for my kids more time for my life in general because they set everything up so beautifully and so automated for me that I don't really have to think about it anymore. So by working less, I am still generating more revenue because of the way the KS agency set everything up for me!

Jessalyn, The Sleep Fairy Way

Kat's skills helped to move the needle forward on projects that I had been literally putting off for years.

I chose to work with Kat because I trusted her work ethic to make things happen.

Her systems help you to get things DONE, check the boxes, and helped me to feel a general sense of accomplishment in a season that could have otherwise been clouded by overwhelm. After working with Kat, I feel freed from a burden! 

Nikki Santerre

I went from fumbling my way trying to put together a course to closing a launch of my FIRST EVER course converting 3% more than the industry standard. 

I would recommend Kat over and over. She is not only intentional and strategic, but what she does for a solopreneur I can't even put into words. The weight is lifted off of your shoulders so that you can focus on your zone of genius. Yes, she produced an amazing framework, strategic plan and execution, but she also CARED about my business. She took tasks that were weighing me down and allowed space for me to grow. My stumbles were met with zero judgement and replaced with a plan. I cannot wait to have her and her team back for the next launch! Every business owner needs a Kat in their life! 

Jamie Fisher

In almost 10 years of business, I can confidently say hiring Kat at my integrator is one of the BIGGEST game-changers to date

She allows me the space to do the high-level work that I LOVE the most (and that I NEED to be focused on), while seamlessly executing any idea that comes to mind. She is quick, efficient, organized and a forward-thinker...she has implemented systems in my business that I never would have come up with on my own. And, the best part? I don't just FEEL better and have a more systemized business...I am making tens of thousands more dollars in revenue because of it. 

Hope taylor

Do you feel this way?

You're stuck in a rut & can't grow without help

Bogged down by the day-to-day of your business

Never finding the time to work on your biz goals 

Frustrated with the digital tech know-how it takes to grow

Struggling to work in your zone of genius because there's too many to-do's you have to do

You're in the right spot.

We'll help you beat the overwhelm,

and finally focus on your zone of genius! 

Our team is trained & ready to be your right-hand-gals as you focus on all the moving pieces of growing your digital biz! Apply today & let's chat about what we can do, together! 

Apply now!