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Are you tired of spinning your wheels on daily tasks? Ready to *finally* see traction & *actually* hit those big biz goals? Good. Being ready is the first step.

I can help you create a plan to conquer dreams and dailys - every week, rinse & repeat. Let's increase revenue, hit big goals & have a life outside of work, too. 

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They call me The Calendar girl, and in my opinion, it's pretty cool what one 90 day calendar can do. From 1:1 coaching to easy-to-follow shop templates to more high touch integrator services & masterminds, I've got a (very pink) space filled with helping YOU bring biz goals to life! I love watching those light bulb moments go off as you find a rhythm even your Type B self enjoys! My enneagram 3 won't rest until even the 7's of the world find goal setting routines that actually move the needle forward & drive revenue (and the fun!) for your biz lovin' self! 

I help you get crystal clear on what you need to do to make those big biz plans happen!

I'm a biz coach, conference host & integrator helping YOU make dreams & dailys happen.

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"Hiring Kat as my integrator has been the best decision I ever made in my business! She took my business that was running ok and pulled all the crazy moving pieces togethe rinto a well-oiled machine! Not only did she optimize our workflows so our team was more efficient and could put out more free content with ease, but she help us increase revenue DRAMATICALLY, taking us from a normal $5-10k shop sale to over $25k in our next sale! "

Rebecca Rice

Everyone needs a Kat Schmoyer on their team!


She is always there to lend a listening ear and to brainstorm ideas with, and I am so thankful for her expertise and guidance. I leave our sessions feeling so encouraged and with a list of what I need to work on. It seriously doesn’t get better than that! Hiring Kat as my coach has been the single best investment in my business, hands down! 

Dawn Richardson

Since we started our coaching sessions, I’ve launched a new business, landed interviews on big podcasts, and grown my income!


The entire Mastermind was so refreshing and she never once made me feel judged or like I was doing things wrong and there was never anything negative in any meeting. Kat was absolutely perfect to work with and could mold into the type of person each of us needed at different moments (encouraging, offering tangible solutions, brainstorming, offering resources, just listening, etc.). It was positive and I felt comfortable and accepted and honestly that's just so energy-giving.

Kristen Fulchi

Kat actually cares, like genuinely cares, and was transparent & honest & human!


With Kat as a coach, supporter, and cheerleader, my business and confidence has seen continuous growth! I couldn't recommend Kat more if you're looking to take your business to new heights! 

Jenna Daykin

Through her guidance, I went from having a goal to having a fully designed, action-packed plan of how I would not only achieve that goal but also succeed & sustain it!


do it all.

I know what it's like to want to

Nope, I can't give you more time in the day (wouldn't that be nice!). And I won't tell you the answer is a software or a tool (although I do love me a good Trello board!).

What you need is a ongoing routine to help you organize the daily's (client work, emails, ongoing marketing, etc) so you can add in the dreams (that launch that's been sitting on the back-burner, that course everyone keeps saying you should create...).

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