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They take my ideas, they run with them & they create super detailed plans of how we're going to execute it.

Working with the KS agency has been a breath of fresh air, the way that they are able to take projects and ideas off of my plate; even out of my head!! I could not do it without them.

I will continue to recommend them and to work with them to help my business to continue to grow! I can't thank Kat, Samantha, and the entire team who helped bring all of my visions to life!

Aubree Malick

They took something I'd been procrastinating on for months (years) & drew out an action plan & got it launched!

The KS team took so many aspects of my business and pulled them together to make them work!  I couldn't have done [the launch] without their organization and assistance.

They also got my email sequences written up and set-up. I've been "working" on these for years, getting nowhere, and Kat and her team got them created and set-up in record time.

Gillian Sarah

It's like having a full team of talented skilled implementers without the headache of managing a huge team of people.

I've been working with the KS team for almost a year now, and I can't imagine life without them! I feel like I'm multiplying my time because I'm able to share my vision for a project & the KS Team takes it from there to make it happen. I'm so excited about what's next for the It's About Time Academy and its ability to equip women to manage their time with purpose and intention. All because I've got Kat’s team on my side helping me make it a reality.”

Anna Dearmon Kornick

It's a no brainer to want Kat [and team] on YOUR team!

If you're looking for a magical human to take all the mess of business and to make running that business more streamlined and manageable, Kat is that magical human! She has saved me so much time (which to me is the most important asset we have as business owners) and her expertise is so valuable! 

Kat is an extremely sharp, smart, and experienced business owner, with an eye for detail and genuine drive that creates success wherever she goes! 

Laylee Emadi

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