We want to help you scale your online business!

With the help of our team you can get OUT of the weeds & finally take your business to the next level! Together, we can grow and scale your online business! 


We're your digital co-pilots!
You've got the destination in mind, and we've got the roadmap to get you there!

Software like Trello, Shopify, Deadline Funnel, ShowIt, Planoly, EverWebinar, FloDesk, Wordpress, ConvertKit, Kajabi, Canva and countless more don't scare us...they energize us!!

let us do the work for you!


There are 3 ways to work with us to help you implement your ideas into reality; we're ready to learn more about your digital biz & can't wait to start this journey with you!


The KS Team dusted off my closet of disasters. I've been "working" on these email funnels for years, getting nowhere, and Kat and her team got them created and set-up in record time.

- Gillian Tracey

What makes us different

We Do Details

I know it's hard to believe, but our brains are WIRED for the tiny details that make up the bulk of your business! We want you to stay in your lane handing us the ideas and we'll build the roadmap to get you there!

We Bring The Team To You

You'll be assigned a Project Manager who will bring along their team of copywriters and assistants to get the jobs done while keeping you as in-the-loop as you desire in our Slack channel! 

We're Very Experienced

Ready for our flex? Since 2021 we've live launched 153+ times for business owners! (With our biggest live launch to date bringing in $140k) And, if we really wanna talk big numbers, our largest nurture sequence ran up 200+ Google Pages for just ONE sequence! OH! And we've stacked 3,421 hours worked on Visionary projects in 2023 alone. So yeah, we're ready for whatever you got!

Anna & Ryan, Refuge & Co

"We had been trying to launch our shop for over a year with no success because of time. Kat and her team came in and within 2 months our shop was live! 

Not only were our expectations met, they were exceeded! We experienced exceptional customer service, extraordinary turn around times, and excellent work performed on all projects!" 

Lauren Fair, Lauren Fair Photography

"Kat and Jordan both were SO on top of everything, helped organize my entire back end system, and successfully ran two product launches that absolutely gave me more revenue than I would have alone! 

 From copywriting to opt-ins and product launches, the KS Agency is a master at organization and grew my email list significantly just in three months." 

Katelyn James, Katelyn James Photography

"I really loved that Kat constantly realized that the goal was for me to be hands off (that comes from her understanding what it feels like to be at the helm of a company!).

I teach my students to outsource whenever they can but I wasn't fully following through in my own business. Kat and her team made me realize just how much is possible when you hand over tasks and trust a team to push certain parts of your business forward on auto-pilot!!" 

Meredith , cake & Confetti

"My site was really outdated but I continued to put the project off because it seemed like such a huge undertaking. Updating my website with Jordan & the rest of the KS team was such a painless process! Jordan's so organized and I really appreciate her attention to detail.

I'm so happy with the finished product!"

It's like having a full team of talented skilled implementers without the headache of managing a huge team of people.

- Anna Dearmon Kornick

Work with us 

So you're ready to get started?!

Great! Next up is to select from our 3 Integration Packages to begin our partnership together. Apply now and we'll be in touch within 2 business days!


Becca Campbell, Little Z Sleep

"Like the magical fairy she is, Samantha somehow keeps track of all the to-dos, reminds me what I need to provide the KS team, gives me due dates to keep me on track, and checks in with me weekly to share updates. 

 As a Visionary who is not a naturally minded organized person, having a project manager like Samantha is KEY to keeping my business operating smoothly!" 

Catherine Guidry, Catherine Guidry PHotography

"I was paired with Rylie as my project manager and she has been nothing short of amazing.

She is prompt, thoughtful and receptive. What I love most is that everything is getting taken care of from the big things to the little things and nothing from my “visionary” brain gets left behind! I am so thankful for Kat and Rylie who are consistently helping me execute my dreams!”

Hope Taylor, Hope Taylor Photography

"I literally don't know what I did without Kat and her team!

I cannot believe the results that I've seen in my launches as a result of having them help me to execute things in my business that I used to piecemeal together by myself. And now we have systems in place that are game changers for me!”  

Natasha Coyle, Natasha Coyle Photography

"This has by far been the best experience out of all of my outsourcing experiences in the last year, so thank you for that!!

Kat's Team is truly is really the best at helping navigate this world [of digital products] and making it feel obtainable. "

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