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Conference Host Bundle: new product in the Kat Schmoyer shop with 10+ templates, checklists, and everything else you need to host your first conference with less stress! Learn more about this new product here


The last new shop product this fall is the Conference Host Bundle! I’m SO excited about this one, y’all. I truly believe in the power of in-person education both for the actual content we learn but also the connections we make for ourselves, our businesses, and our hearts. That’s why building this Conference Host Bundle […]

NEW in the Shop: Conference Host Bundle

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Integrator Behind the Scenes: Black Friday Sales - Integrator Kat Schmoyer shares about what her agency can do for small business owners running big sales in their businesses


Last week, my team and I oversaw 5 Black Friday sales!! I still can’t believe we got to help five amazing business owners plan and execute their sales. It was a busy few weeks (to say the least) leading up to Black Friday but it feels SO GOOD to see how things went!!! Collectively, all […]

Integrator BTS: Black Friday Sales

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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Integrator as a Small Business Owner: shared by integrator and business coach Kat Schmoyer


Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with small biz owners who are looking to get started with Passive Income OR looking to optimize current Passive Income streams! Passive income is a WONDERFUL way to add revenue to your business WITHOUT being tied to more service offerings!! I truly believe in […]

NEW in the Shop: Creating a Passive Income Funnel

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quarterly printable calendar framed for business owner

Business, Calendar, Productivity

Updated November 2021 Anyone else get excited to walk into Staples or Target and grab some new office supplies?! 😃 When using the Printable Calendar there are a few must-have supplies I recommend, so I’ve created an easy list of my favorite supplies here for you! These supplies always make me feel like I’m getting the […]

Using Your Printable Calendar: My Fave Supplies

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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Integrator as a Small Business Owner: shared by integrator and business coach Kat Schmoyer


Hey there, Visionary! So you’ve taken the Rocket Fuel Index and you’ve discovered you’re a visionary in need of an integrator! That’s so exciting for you and your business. So… What happens next?! How do you know if NOW is the right time to bring on an integrator for your business?! Now that I’ve worked with a […]

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Integrator

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Why You Might Thrive in a Mastermind: business coach and mastermind leader Kat Schmoyer shares who is and isn't a good fit for a mastermind experience


I offer a 6 month high-level mastermind program, and it’s become such a blessing for my business and my students! Frankly, I love getting to know the women in the program, and working with them as they uncover clarity in their business & push each other forward! It’s a seriously amazing and humbling experience to […]

Why You Might Thrive in a Mastermind

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