A high-level, intimate mastermind program

A "get it done" experience for creatives looking to focus on big biz goals with clarity & confidence.

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the experience

This 6 month mastermind program is a small, intimate experience for creatives ready to take a high-level look at their business with a coach and receive peer insight from like-minded creatives.

In the experience, you'll receive a safe yet challenging space to bring ideas to the table, spark new ideas and find support + encouragement to make them happen!


Because action leads to change.

It's one thing to have those big dreams. Now you need the time, space, & accountability to make them a reality.

While working together, I provide a customized approach to give you *exactly* what you need to take that dream & let it fly. 

You'll receive focused, pre-recorded content before we begin (so our time together starts on the same foundation) and then for six months I'm your one-stop-shop for gaining momentum on the goals you have to take your business to the next level. 

Kat's Mastermind was exactly what I needed during that specific season of my business!

Before Kat's Mastermind I felt frazzled and unsure of what my business would look like as I returned to work after maternity leave; after working Kat I felt encouraged to stop trying to hard and just lean in to the change in this season of life. 

I wanted to work with Kat because I admire the way she's built a successful brand and business that fits her life. As a new mom of two, I knew I could learn a lot from her heart-centered example. It can be difficult to find community in our disconnected and competitive online business world, but Kat truly made me feel like I belonged even though my business looked different from the rest of the group. 

Anna Dearmon Kornick

Kat genuinely cares and was transparent & honest & human!

The entire Mastermind was so refreshing and she never once made me feel judged or like I was doing things wrong and there was never anything negative in any meeting.

Kat was absolutely perfect to work with and could mold into the type of person each of us needed at different moments.

It was positive and I felt comfortable and accepted and honestly that's just so energy-giving.

Kristen Fulchi

Thanks to Kat's mastermind, I launched my first course and made $3200 in revenue within 3 days of launching!

Coming from a successful wedding planning business, I was overwhelmed with starting a brand new business that included digital products.

Thanks to Kat's mastermind, I launched my first course and made $3200 in revenue within 3 days of launching and just 30 people on my email list! If you are looking for a mastermind/retreat combo that will not only warm your heart, but grow your business revenue, this is the mastermind for you! 

Jess Aiken


What past members have done

Made 38k in revenue in one course launch

Launch a podcast

Live Launch a course & make 25k

Hire + onboard a new team member

Made $3200 in 3 days with her first digital product (with a list of just 30!)

Build up a 6+ month waitlist for her services

Live launch a group coaching program (and make 20k doing it!)

Pivot her business to attract a new ideal client with a new service offering

Create her first passive product while continuing to run a 200k+ service based business

Do any of those sound like YOUR goals?

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Join the waitlist and be the first to know when the next cohort opens!


In the months following my time with Kat, I have seen an increase in revenue by about 189% each month, and it's continuing to grow. 

Working with Kat was a great investment. Kat helped me find my focus, collect data (a huge step I was missing), set clear goals and achieve them in the time we had together. I learned a lot from our calls. More importantly, I felt pushed outside of my comfort zone, in a way that I desperately needed to grow my business.

Bonnie Kuhl

An investment that truly ensures progress and needle-moving!

Not only does Kat give you individual attention in the calls and via Vox, but you also have a hype squad to help you climb over the obstacles in your business! This isn't a group where you just learn and tuck information away into a dusty Drive folder– you put it into action and see RESULTS! If you're looking for an investment that truly ensures progress and needle-moving in your business and not just more ideas, this is for YOU!!!

Shelby Lung

You will thank yourself for signing up!!

On the fence?! Do it!

To me it's almost impossible to put into words what a mastermind can do or the ROI because it is beyond just the tangible evidence. The knowledge learned, the friendships formed, the support given and having a sounding board for ideas where you don't have others in your world that really understand what we do as small business owners. 

Amy Allmand

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