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Get exclusive access to my "My Week" Trello Templates -- My Week Theme Days and My Week 2 Week Guidebook. Easily copy-paste them into your own Trello account! (Pssst Trello is free!) 

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Along with the these templates, I've created exclusive video trainings where you'll learn my strategies for staying organized & on top of weekly to-do's, while also finding time to focus on big-picture goals! 

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Learn exactly how I utilize these templates in my biz! See my own boards & rinse-and-repeat these strategies to create a Trello system that works!! 

organize weekly to-do's & big picture goals on one simple board!

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For the past 7 years I’ve built 3 brands, made lots of mistakes and re-filled my coffee cup more times than I can count! I’ve been called: wedding planner, florist, conference host, template shop owner, course creator, coach & membership founder (while also being wife + mama!). I’ve learned how to pivot my business due to changes in the industry, changes in family finances or just because I wanted a change of scenery (hello serial entrepreneur!).

Through all the change and all the growth, there's one thing that's stayed consistent -Trello. Trello has allowed me to tackle my to-do's, focus on big picture projects and find clarity with where my time is going. It's been the ONE business tool I've used year after year (since 2015!) that's never dragged be down; it's actually helped me do MORE. 

I'm sharing my "My Week" Trello Templates (along with exclusive video trainings) and I can't WAIT to hear what you think! Shoot me a DM once you grab 'em and let me know how you're using them in your biz! --> @katschmoyer . Cheering for you, girl!

Hi y'all! I'm kat!

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a step-by-step video for setting up the templates in Trello

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my rinse-and-repeat system for implementing the "my week" template - see *exactly* how I do it in my biz!