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Anyone else get excited to walk into Staples or Target and grab some new office supplies?! 😃  When using the Printable Calendar there are a few must-have supplies I recommend, so I’ve easy-listed them here for you! 

Printing Your Calendar

Your calendar comes with two sizes – letter size (8.5 x 11) and poster size (24 x 36). You can print your letter size at home and it’s the perfect desktop accessory, family calendar for your fridge or one to tape up beside your desk (if you don’t have wall space for the poster size!).  

When printing your poster size calendar, I use Staples and include a step by step video for printing it online! The biggest tip I have wherever you print? Select “blueprint” or “architectural print” so you save a few bucks! 

I decided to frame my calendar; below are a few frame options in various colors: 

If you don’t want to frame it, you can easily hang it up with washi tape! You can also have it laminated when you print it to give you that “dry erase board” feel & extra durability. 


Markers + Sticky Notes 

For Markers – If your calendar is framed or laminated, THESE expo markers are the best option!! They are “wet erase” instead of dry erase meaning they require a damp cloth to wipe off. (As you’re writing, you won’t be able to accidentally wipe off items that you’ve already written!) 

If you don’t need wet erase markers, I have this pack from Cultivate What Matters and they’re a great weight, plus have a variety of colors! (I use them in my PowerSheets and also on my letter size printable calendar!) 


For Sticky Notes – I use various colors to differentiate items on my calendar. I have THESE square stickies because the size + color combo is great! I also have THESE thin ones and find them helpful for tasks / events that need to cover several days! 

A few other sticky note options that look awesome:

  • Flags in Assorted Colors (Amazon)
  • 3×3 Ombre Color Set (Amazon)


Ready to get started with your calendar?! THIS POST gives you a step-by-step of how I figure out EXACTLY what I put on my calendar!! 


What are your fave supplies for your calendar?! Would love to see how you’re using it so find me on Instagram and send me a DM!





Want your own printable calendar?! CLICK HERE to get yours today! 

Pin an image below for easy-access! 📌

Using Your Printable Calendar: My Fave Supplies // Creative at Heart #endofyear #printablecalendar #2020 #2021 #annualplanning



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