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Miscarriage, Mompreneur, Personal

This week marks 21 weeks pregnant with our sweet little boy. It’s still very, very surreal for me to BE pregnant, let alone be half way through the pregnancy. As much as I’ve waited & prayed & wanted this baby so desperately, I think a small part of me thought that this would never come. […]

My Thoughts On Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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BLOG, Miscarriage, Personal

I’ve written and re-written this post several times. Isn’t that how we always start really personal, private posts? Like we have to justify how hard it is to write, how hard it is to put into words. And it’s true. It IS hard to write. It IS hard to see in black & white. And […]

Our Miscarriage Story

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Mompreneur, Personal

5 years!!! It’s crazy to look back at the last 5 years of our marriage … and now look forward to what the next 5 will hold with Micah!!:) Matt and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary early this year with combined anniversary / babymoon trip to Hawaii! It was AMAZING and I hope we […]

5 Year Anniversary & Micah’s Newborn Pictures

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Pregnancy Essentials for First Time Mom's // Kat Schmoyer #pregnancy #mom #newmom #entrepreneur #creative #creativeatheart

Mompreneur, Personal

  With my due date (very) quickly approaching, not only have I been in full nesting mode but I’ve also been reflecting back on the past 9 months.   Our journey to this baby was nothing like I expected, and because of that I soaked up every bit of this pregnancy that I could. All […]

Pregnancy Essentials for First Time Mom’s

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Mompreneur, Personal

2 weeks ago, Matt and I had our maternity session at Big Spring Farm with Hope Taylor Photography. I am at Big Spring pretty frequently during wedding season with my planning company, Dear Sweetheart Events, and we both love the gorgeous views!! We’re also close friends with the owners – Buddy & Jill – and […]

Our Maternity Session at Big Spring Farm

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Mompreneur, Personal

It still feels very surreal to be writing this post. I feel like I’ve written it multiple times in my head and imagined a moment where we’d get to tell our family & friends with JOY that … we are having a BABY! Praise the Lord that the day has finally arrived for us!:) I’m […]

We’re Pregnant!

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