Why You Might Thrive in a Mastermind | Insight for Mastermind Groups
Why You Might Thrive in a Mastermind: business coach and mastermind leader Kat Schmoyer shares who is and isn't a good fit for a mastermind experience

Why You Might Thrive in a Mastermind

I offer a 6 month high-level mastermind program, and it’s become such a blessing for my business and my students! Frankly, I love getting to know the women in the program, and working with them as they uncover clarity in their business & push each other forward! It’s a seriously amazing and humbling experience to lead these women each round. And guess what?! The next round of my six month mastermind will be opening soon (interested? email me!) so I thought I would share a bit more about WHAT a mastermind is and WHY you might thrive in a mastermind setting! 

First things first… 

I want to explain the difference between coaching, group coaching & mastermind

Coaching: Coaching is 1:1 support with an expert for mentoring, accountability and advice on your business. Some coaches offer a one time call to dive into a particular topic. Others offer long-term coaching to provide both expertise and on-going accountability. (I offer both!) But, it’s 1:1! 

Group Coaching: This is a group program led by a coach that dives into a particular topic. Usually a group coaching program has a syllabus and set content to review. While you might not receive as much 1:1 time, you receive accountability from the group & community with your fellow group members! These are often less personalized. 

Mastermind: Masterminds are usually led by a coach and will also have a peer-led elements. Joining a mastermind means that you will not only get the support of the coach, but also receive support, advice & accountability from your fellow mastermind members! Your mastermind members will know your business intimately & help to challenge you towards your goals! It’s NOT just about showing up and listening. You’re a very active participant. 

So, how do you know if a Mastermind is the right choice for you? 

Ask yourself: 

  • What do you hope to gain? Do you have specific know-how you’d like to learn, or are you at a point in business where you understand a lot of the “nuts & bolts” & find you are craving accountability, clarity & peer conversation? If it’s the latter, a mastermind is a good fit! 
  • Are you excited about the possibility of peer-led conversation? if you ONLY want to hear from the coach, a mastermind will not be a good fit.
  • Do you have the time to pour BACK into the group? A mastermind is give & take – you need to be a dedicated member of your group!
  • How do you feel about the other mastermind members? in my mastermind, some of the women are technically competitors. They have similar offers & similar audiences. yet they don’t let that deter them from sharing & giving to each other. it FUELS them! They lift up one another & it’s been an amazing thing to see!! If that makes you uncomfortable, talk to the mastermind coach beforehand. find out if there might be other competitors in the group & decide what makes the most sense for you.
  • Are you planning to work with another coach during the mastermind? I highly recommend being “all in” with ONE education program at a time. If you are going to be dedicated to a mastermind, be dedicated! you don’t need too many voices in your ear.
  • What would you like to see happen AFTER the mastermind? make a list of what you visualize happening in your business when the mastermind ends. Take that to the mastermind coach. Ask if this is attainable. (You can also ask to talk to past mastermind members to see how the mastermind affected THEIR business! Don’t be afraid to ask for these kinds of referrals before making the best decision for you!) 

Masterminds can be a truly beautiful and life changing experience! But, they do require your attention and participation to find success. Remember, my next round opens in October so be sure to email me if you’re interested!! 



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Why You Might Thrive in a Mastermind: business coach and mastermind leader Kat Schmoyer shares who is and isn't a good fit for a mastermind experience Why You Might Thrive in a Mastermind: business coach and mastermind leader Kat Schmoyer shares who is and isn't a good fit for a mastermind experience




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