Review of Rocket Fuel University and Integrator 2.0 Masterclass shared by Kat Schmoyer

Review of Rocket Fuel University & Integrator 2.0 Masterclass

I first heard the term “integrator” a few years ago when I read the book Traction. Almost immediately, I knew that I was an integrator. And so, earlier this year, I decided to dive deeper into what that word meant, especially since I found myself feeling like it fit my business strengths. To understand more about this role, I read Rocket Fuel which led me to find Rocket Fuel University – and the Rocket Fuel Membership Community. Today, I wanted to share a review of Rocket Fuel University and the Integrator 2.0 Masterclass! If you are an integrator, or are thinking of taking the Integrator 2.0 Masterclass, this post is for you!! (If you’re not familiar with integration, you can learn more here!)

Rocket Fuel University and Integrator 2.0 Masterclass

After joining the Rocket Fuel Membership Community, they opened doors to their Integrator 2.0 masterclass and I could not say yes fast enough! This 4 week program was created for integrators to not only find community & connection with others, but to also hone in on their zone of genius and really understand the V/I (visionary / integrator) pairing. Can you say “YES PLEASE!”?! Here’s a quick breakdown of some things I really loved and a few things I wish had gone a bit differently!

What I Loved about RFU:

  1. The live calls are SO powerful! Mark actually attends these calls and is so great at answering questions while allowing group members to weigh in, too.

  2. The dripped content that you can “unlock” each week! It helped me stay on track through all 4 weeks.

  3. Being able to reinforce what I’d already read from the books through the first few modules. It was a great refresher and way to ensure I got everything I needed from those modules.

  4. LOTS of businesses were represented! This is not a course in the “creative community” and there were only 2 other integrators who considered themselves “creative”. Instead of being mostly creatives, I was in a virtual room filled with tech companies, construction companies & so many others! I love learning how integration works for various biz models.

  5. Most of my other cohort members where male + older than me, so I was able to get a very different perspective! I didn’t know this when I signed up, but on our first call I was quick to realize I was one of the youngest and one of the only females present! However it was VALUABLE to sit in a virtual room with these successful men & learn their stories + biz model! Not to mention, meeting new people is always a good thing!

What I would have changed RFU:

  1. I wish the modules dropped on another day of the week. When I took the class, new content went live on Friday’s and I wish it was available earlier in the week, so that was kind of a bummer.

  2. I wanted more live calls!! They were SO valuable and I wish we’d been able to have a few more!

All in all, I’m glad I took the masterclass because it not only allowed me to hone in on the skills needed to be an integrator, but also allowed me to form connections & community with others. I really valued the fact that there were not many other participants in the creative community. And seriously, it was SO insightful to learn how integration works in OTHER businesses and industries and glean insight on how to apply it to the creative world!!! If you sign up for the Masterclass, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!!


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Review of Rocket Fuel University and Integrator 2.0 Masterclass shared by Kat Schmoyer Review of Rocket Fuel University and Integrator 2.0 Masterclass shared by Kat Schmoyer



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