Pivoting + Making Changes: Dreams to Plans Podcast Feature

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It’s not every year we have a 2020 kinda year. And we can all agree that we’re thankful for that!!

But looking back on 2020, I can already see pieces of the broken shedding light on the new. And I’m grateful for that. Really, really grateful for that. 

2020 was the year of the small biz owner pivot. That “p” word is one you’ve probably heard enough of already 😉 … it’s a word most creative biz owners had to accept + lean into. And I’m right there with you! 

Hosting Creative at Heart Conference was a bread + butter offering in my business — my business relied on hosting the conference & when we were forced to cancel it forced me to make changes QUICKLY to the offerings in my business out of sheer survival. I jumped on a podcast interview with Renee & Cat to share more about what it was like to cancel our 2020 conference, the quick pivots + changes I made and how YOU can do it, too. 

Pivoting and Making Changes: Dreams to Plans Podcast feature


Inside this episode I share:

  • lessons learned from cancelling a multi-six figure conference
  • quick pivots I made (and you can too!)
  • why I’m grateful (truly grateful) a year like 2020 happened
  • one practical, tangible thing YOU can do today if you’re thinking about pivoting


Grab your earbuds & listen to the episode today!! 

Interesting in attending creative at heart? Save your seat today! 


how to pivot as a small business owner: Pivoting and Making Changes on Dreams to Plans Podcast feature




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Pivoting and Making Changes: Dreams to Plans Podcast feature
Pivoting and Making Changes: Dreams to Plans Podcast feature
pivoting your business: interview on Dreams to Plans podcast





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