7 Tips for Traveling While Runnin’ A Biz

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Since starting the business, I’ve had the opportunity to not only travel all over the US, but also travel all over the WORLD! Traveling is one of the reasons why I love being an entrepreneur! I might re-fuel at home on the couch with a good book, but I love the adventure of flying (airports are so much fun for me!) and visiting a new city never gets old!

Because I’ve traveled all over the globe, I’ve learned a thing or two about traveling AND running a business!!! Today’s post are my top 7 tips for traveling while running your business:

Be open with all of your clients about your plans before you leave.

I’ve never been a “ask for forgiveness not permission” kinda girl and I definitely don’t think you should be in your business!! Before going on an extended trip (even if I’m working while away), I make sure all of my current clients are aware of my schedule. I set clear expectations so they know what my work schedule will look like while I’m away, and when I will return to the office. This allows everyone involved to feel comfortable & stress-free with the situation!

Invest in Packing Cubes and an amazing Backpack.

I purchased Packing Cubes over a year ago & can’t believe I survived so long without them! They allow me to organize my suitcase, fit more than I ever could inside my suitcase AND they can act as a quick overnight bag or dirty clothes bag while I’m away! Such a low investment for a very high return!!

After all the flying I did in 2016, I knew I wanted a backpack for 2017 – shoulder bags were too much to handle in the airport & I wanted something more comfortable. So this year, I caved & purchased a Lo & Sons backpack. At first, I balked at how minimal & sporty this particular bag is; I wasn’t sure it fit my style. However I own three other Lo & Sons bags (this, this & this) & the quality is unbelievable! I love the brand! I knew I needed to give it a try & y’all, it’s been the BEST travel companion! I have taken this backpack on 6 flights & 5 long road-trips since March & can’t get over how much I can fit inside & how comfortable it is. The side pockets are perfect for my cell phone, I love the removable insert & the material cleans SO easily.

Automate, Automate, Automate!

Knowing that certain tasks are already scheduled & ready to go will save you so much stress!! It’s hard to feel involved with your business while away, so automating your social media (and any other tasks you can!) will keep you feeling relevant. I pre-schedule newsletter, blog, instagram & facebook posts while I’m gone. I use PLANN for my instagram, ConvertKit for my newsletter, WordPress for my blog & schedule FB directly in FB! Create a schedule prior to leaving for vacation so you can batch all your content & schedule it out as if you never left the office.

Create a loose work-schedule while you’re away.

This tip doesn’t apply if your travel is a true vacation!! But for some of you (myself included) a lot of your travel is NOT vacation; I’m either traveling FOR work or working intermittently while away. I found that it helps to create a loose work-schedule BEFORE I leave. Sure, there will be some days away that are up in the air, but I’m willing to bet that for the most part you’ll know what you’re doing & when. This means you can go ahead & block schedule “real work hours”. Use this time to check email, respond to client questions, and complete any other required tasks while you’re away. It’ll make you feel better & more productive with your time away!

Understand why you’ve said yes – and don’t be afraid to say “no”.

Traveling in business IS hard. It takes organization & dedication. You have to understand the reason behind your travel – is it for leisure? for professional development? a combination? Be comfortable saying “no” if the benefits don’t outweigh the costs, if you feel you’ve got too much on your plate already or if your heart just isn’t in it.

Account for the prep-time BEFORE you leave & catch-up time when you RETURN!

Oh, y’all. I ALWAYS forget about this!!! Being “out of the office” isn’t the only thing that adds to your workload … PREPPING for time away and CATCHING UP when you return can also double or triple your work-load!! Take that into account & clear your schedule pre and post trip so you elevate some of the stress!

Prep your team (& hire the right people)!

While I know this one might not apply to all, it’s still a very important point to make! You not only want to set exceptions to your team before you leave town, but you also want to have complete faith in them & the work they are doing. My entire team is virtual so “leaving town” doesn’t change our work environment, but it DOES change my work hours & potentially their work-load. By hiring the right people – those who I don’t have to micro-manage – I trust that various tasks are being completed on schedule even when I’m gone. By prepping them appropriately, they feel comfortable with my time away & know how & when they can reach me when they need to.


Are you traveling a lot in your business? What tips & tricks are helpful for you?


xo! kat


(Picture from our recent adventure in Japan!) 


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