Big news … We’re a husband & wife team!

It feels very surreal to write this post!! I think we’re both still feeling a bit shocked that this is our reality, yet we’re so excited for what’s ahead!!!

Last year, when we started trying to grow our family I voiced a big fear of mine: I was nervous to have a baby and run a business.

(A very important side-note to mention: in dealing with the grief over our miscarriages, I faced a lot guilt that is very natural to feel, but I also faced guilt over my fears of “baby & business”. Did I not WANT the babies enough?? Did I / Do I love my business MORE than a baby?? I know, I know; that’s not logical & not the reason we lost those babies. I’m just voicing the guilt grief brought on. If you’ve ever allowed that fear to effect you, too, I understand… more than you know.)

During that conversation with Matt, he briefly and half-jokingly mentioned that he could be the “stay at home dad” while I ran the business. He’d support me with business tasks but more importantly he’d be the primary care-giver for our children, allowing our family dynamic to flourish & our life to become the business, together. I remember vividly when he said it. We both looked at each other and had a Huh… wow. I guess we could do that?! moment.

So for the past 20 months, we’ve had that thought in our head. We started to pay even closer attention to our finances, set very strategic business goals, talk more openly about role(s) Matt could play in the business and also talk with other couples who run their businesses together. (Matt’s full-time job also began to change in ways he didn’t love, reinforcing our desire to grow the business together.)

Of course, we never planned for our family journey to take the twists & turns that it has. While we don’t yet know what it’s going to look like for us, we do know that we don’t want to put our lives on “hold” and plan to make the most of every moment we’ve got!

All of that combined allowed us to officially jump in to being a husband and wife business team … baby or no baby!! We’re still getting used to this new role, and what it’s going to look like moving forward, but we’re excited about the adventure!! Between all three businesses – Dear Sweetheart Events, Creative at Heart Conference & Kat Schmoyer – I’ve been juggling a lot in the past few years. Having him as my “support team” has already proven to be incredible! He’s learning tech I should have been utilizing years ago, assisting with back-end tasks that weigh me down & handling project management for a few things on the horizon. We’ll now get to travel more together, grow more & embrace the freedom I’ve grown to love about entrepreneurship!

I can’t wait to see what’s next for us as a couple & as business partners!! It’s thrilling, overwhelming & what I’m sure will be one of the greatest adventures of our marriage (& life!)!


xo! kat (& matt!) 


(Photography by Amanda Hedgepeth Photography)



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