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Weekend Wrap-Up: Our Beach Vaca!

This post is going up a little later today, but I think the first day back from vaca is always the hardest, right?! There is SO much happening this week, and I really can’t wait to share more soon!!:) For now, I want to share some fun iPhone pics from our beach vaca!!

2015-07-13_0003.jpg 2015-07-13_0001.jpg

I really didn’t take a lot of pictures over vacation because I left my phone in the room ALL DAY. It was amazing, friends. I set up my auto-responder, ignored social media and LIVED in the present!!!! I had so much fun laughing with family, relaxing at the beach, swimming in the pool and staying up too late playing games with the family!! It was pure bliss and I miss it already!!!

Taking a true vacation and really allowing yourself to REST is necessary for everyone, especially small business owners!! We work 24/7 and I speak from experience when I say that I never even realized how much I NEEDED to rest before our vacation!!!

Now that I’m back, I’m hitting the ground running with tons of projects for DSE, C@H and our family. Nothing like BIG events after a 7 day rest!:) Happy Monday, friends! Let’s make this week count:)


xo!! kat


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