Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients

Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients

Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients
Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients
Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients

Hey y’all!! Today I’m going to give you a 2.0 version of how I organize client work inside of Trello… I recently did a post on how I juggle multiple client projects & y’all LOVED it!! I’ve gotten a bunch of questions where you’re trying to understand exactly what I do, asking me to go even further in depth… so I’m doing that for you!!

I juggle mulitple clients every day with launches, digital projects, a lot of client work from copywriting to graphic design to implementing those things, and I also have a mastermind where I offer coaching service based and so I’m constantly working with clients. I need a way to streamline my systems so that I know exactly what I’m doing for each client and so things don’t fall through the cracks.

In this video I showed you how I organized everything through Trello. I’m going to go through the organizational structure on the back end. (Oh, and ps… if you’re not familiar with Trello, I have a Trello 101 video you NEED to see!! Trello is FREE so if you’re not using it, you may as well give it a shot!!)

Use Workspaces

Trello organizes things through workspaces… and I have A LOT of workspaces. My first step with clients is to create and organize one for them. If they already have their own workspace, I join theirs, but if they don’t I create one for them and brand it for them using their logo.

Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients

All of my internal workspaces I always label with KS first so that it keeps them all together and separates visually from my clients’ workspaces. That way, when I log into Trello, I can very easily see all my clients and quickly find the exact workspace that I need!

Create Template Boards

I have a client workspace filled with client template boards to use so that I don’t have to start from scratch every time! So for a launch, for example, I have a template here where I have everything I’ll need – quick grabs, to-dos for me, client to-dos, working through the launch process, etc.

Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients

If I’m working on a new launch for a client, then, I can click here, copy the board, and save it to that client’s workspace.

Bottom line: have template boards on your Trello account!! Whether your own or ones you’ve purchased, they’ll be a game changer for you! And if you’re looking for templates to plug & play, I have some here in my shop!!

Use Your One Week Trello Board

The way I keep track of each client’s to-dos on a regular basis is on my using my One Week Trello Board… This acts as my weekly planner. So I log in each week and I can see what exactly I am going to work on every day. Every client has their own card and on that card I add my quick to-dos for them. Then I can add links to their own boards.

Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients

On each of those client workspaces is where I’m going even more in depth for whatever that client needs, whether it’s a launch that’s happening, a project we’re working on, etc. So many things are stored on these boards and it allows me & my team to know exactly what we need for each client in their own space!!

Using Trello Workspaces for Multiple Clients

Any More Questions?!?

I hope this helps you see more of how these workspaces tie into utilizing one main board to keep track of that client work. If you’re reading this and you’re working with multiple clients and you’re trying to figure out how to make it work, leave a comment or ask a question below — I’d love to share more!!


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