How to Have a Stress-Free Launch

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How to Have a Stress-Free Launch


How to Have a Stress-Free Launch
How to Have a Stress-Free Launch
How to Have a Stress-Free Launch

Are you ready to have a FUN launch?! Tired of feeling stressed out, burned, out, and exhausted when you launch? Or maybe it’s your first launch and you’ve heard all the horror stories! Today we’re going to dive into how you can make your launch FUN and STRESS-FREE! (Yes, seriously!)

I have launched dozens of products, in-person events, and services over the past 8 years… and trust me when I say — it’s actually fun for me! I have a system & a plan for you to have a stress-free launch, too – and it’s SIMPLE. In order to make sure your launch is much more fun, you need to understand the STAGES of your launch. Planning is a GOOD thing when it comes to launching – if you know what’s going to happen you’ll feel less stressed in the process.



Prepare for Each Stage of the Launch

If you want a detailed list of exactly how to breakdown everything you’ll need for your launch, be sure to download my FREE Launch Blueprint for a full A-Z of launching. But I also know that sometimes you just need a simple approach to simplify the stress, and the way to do that is to break down the 4 Stages of a Launch so that you can plan & prepare for what’s coming in every stage.

1. Product Creation and Set-Up

In this stage, you are creating and setting up the product itself that you’re launching. Sometimes this is a LOT of work because you’re coming up with the content, outlining it all, designing slides, creating the actual product. And sometimes it’s less work if you’re mostly fine-tuning and making sure the product you’ve already created works well.

Either way, you’ll need plan for this stage to be about 6-8 weeks long. Depending on the specifics of your business, your product, your life, your time, etc. you’ll tailor the timeline to your needs to that you don’t feel stressed while in this stage. And if you want to hear more about the ideal timeline for a launch, be sure to watch this video where I go into all the specifics!

2. Pre-Launch

We’ve talked a lot about this the past few weeks because it’s VITAL for marketing. This stage also lasts about 6-8 weeks and can be overlap with product creation. If you allow the proper time here, you’ll also feel less stressed as you’re getting content pre-scheduled, everything ready to go, and priming the pump for your audience!

3. Launch

So your virtual doors are open!! This week is uniquely stressful mostly because of the wide range of emotions you tend to feel as you launch. From elation to despair, you are putting your product or service out in the world and you tend to feel a lot of things here.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but how do you make launch week less stressful!? You PLAN for it. Planning for this stage allows you to ride the rollercoaster of natural launch week emotions while also not feeling you have a million to-do’s yelling at you. You can prep and prepare all the things you need so that you can allow yourself to ride the natural course of emotions as you launch.

4. Post-Launch

This stage tends to be the most forgotten stage of launching! We tend to either get done with launch week, close our cart, and we jump back into our normal routine OR we go dark because we’re burned out and tired and hide!!

This is the natural downward swing of a launch momentum and if you plan for it by having content queued and ready to go following launch week you actually CAN check out, decompress, etc. without feeling like you’re ghosting your audience!!


There you go!! In order to make launch week fun, the basic rule is: prep & plan for it! By breaking your launch down like this as you plan for it, you actually CAN get things done, feel less stressed, see movement in your business, and feel relief that you have a plan and you can follow through with it.


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