Build Your Email List in 2022 - Kat Schmoyer
Build Your Email List in 2022

Build Your Email List in 2022

Build Your Email List in 2022
Build Your Email List in 2022
Build Your Email List in 2022: Easy List Growth Strategies

We’re in the middle of a launch strategy series and today I want to tell you exactly HOW to build your email list in 2022! When I first started building my list, it was 2015… and while the industry has changed and online spaces have changed, the foundational elements have stayed the same AND there are some new things to implement in 2022.

It is possible and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY if you run an online business to grow your email list!!

The strategies I’m sharing today are actually quite SIMPLE, but the waiting game is what’s hard!! Email list growth takes TIME. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Throughout the entire process of growing your email list, you need 2 things: to be patient and consistent. Keep that in mind as we talk through the practical strategies you can implement starting today.



Email list growth is all about building your audience.

The best part about this is that this is YOUR audience! This is NOT about beating algorithms, how many views a video got, or even adding subscribers on an online platform other than your own, but rather it’s about finding YOUR people, who want to know what you know and hear from YOU.

When you think about list growth, you want to take your “cold” audience and make them a “warm” audience – people who are brand new to you become warm when they’re agreeing to be a part of your email list.

(And, as a side note — I’m a HUGE proponent of continuing to NURTURE the warm audience!! This is an easy mistake to make and while we’re not talking about this today, if you’re interested in hearing more about how to nurture, drop a comment below & I’ll share my best tips!!)

Step 1: Create an opt-in

You may hear this called a freebie or a lead magnet, but an opt-in is a way for your cold lead to agree to join your email list in exchange for whatever it is you’re promising them. Some popular opt-ins of 2022 include: pdfs, templates, quizzes. You’ll choose which of those opt-ins is best for you depending on on what you like to create, what your audience is looking for, AND what’s the most helpful for content for you to teach and SHOW your ideal audience what it is you know and how you know it.

Where should you put your opt-in?

You want your opt-in in 4 places: Your website homepage, your blog homepage, a blog single view, and as a pop-up. You can see an example of one of my opt-ins & one place I put it here.

Once they opt in, then what?

I love to make my opt-in an actual deliverable on my webpage. The reason? Not only am I getting a cold audience to say yes to me but I’m also directing them back to my online home so that they’re continuing to be immersed in what I offer and what I do.

After the audience opts in, they’ll get what is called a deliverable email. It says: “You’re in! Grab your (freebie) here!” and when they click that button, it opens up an email on MY website. Then they can then download AND it keeps them in my ecosystem.

How do you point back to your opt-in?

When you are content planning, whether that’s in terms of content bucks or priming for a launch, every piece of content needs to point back to an opt-in. So consider your MAIN hub of content and ask: how am I directing people to my email list?

Does that mean that you need a new opt-in for every piece of content!? No way!! NOBODY has time for that!! But think about your opt-ins similar to how you think about content buckets. You can create an umbrella of a few specific opt-ins that work well with all the various pieces of content you produce so that you can push that opt-in that is most specific to that piece of content.

Step 2: Develop your cold lead marketing strategy

Maybe this seems the most obvious step but most of my clients aren’t doing enough of this!!

A cold lead marketing strategy is specific to people who are NOT familiar with you. For me personally, that’s YouTube! What is yours? Keep in mind that Instagram is not a good cold lead marketing strategy!! There’s too much going on, it’s not searchable, and it’s a little confusing for the consumer. This would likely be a warmer audience for you with some cold leads mixed in, but what is a medium that you are already using or could use as your cold lead marketing strategy?

When you find it, be incredibly consistent with content that you’re putting out there so that your face, your name, your opt-in is getting in front of MORE people over and over again converting them from a cold audience to a warm one!!

ALSO — I can’t talk about this without mentioning the importance of collaboration in this industry as a key aspect of this strategy. Summits, other people’s podcasts, Instagram story takeovers, swapping YouTubes, etc. can be REALLY grate for getting your face in front of YOUR cold audience!

Consistent cold-lead marketing + a good opt-in = the golden ticket

Make sure that what you’re creating has direct relation to your opt-in + you’re marketing where your people are. Are your people on YouTube? Podcasts? Pinterest? Ask yourself: How can I get in front of fresh new eyes so that my email list grows because of that?

And keep in mind: being CONSISTENT and PATIENT for the process are KEY. This is a LONG game! It will take a while. Don’t be discouraged if it’s slow at first… slow and steady can win the race!!


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