Tired of feeling stressed-out when it comes to launching? Ready to have a step-by-step plan (starting 8 weeks out!)? Grab this FREE Launch Blueprint to get a COMPLETE 15 page game-plan for your next (or first!) launch!

Launch BLueprint

how to plan your next (or first!) launch


And say goodbye to a stressful launch! 

what you'll get:

Complete Launch Blueprint PDF

This 15 page PDF outlines exactly what you need to know when planning your first (or next!) launch. From the 4 stage launch process to timeline details, you'll have it ALL! 

What's inside: 

+ Four Stage Launch Process 
+ Product Creation Timeline
+ Pre-Launch Strategy Breakdown + Examples
+ Launch Week Marketing Outline
+ Post Launch Example

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For the past 7 years I’ve built 3 brands, made lots of mistakes and re-filled my coffee cup more times than I can count! I’ve been called: wedding planner, florist, conference host, template shop owner, course creator, coach & membership founder (while also being wife + mama!). I’ve learned how to pivot my business due to changes in the industry, changes in family finances or just because I wanted a change of scenery (hello serial entrepreneur!).

With all of that came launch after launch after launch! From large-scale conferences to online courses to a membership community, I've had six-figure launches & launches completely flop. I've learned what works AND what doesn't. I put the Launch Blueprint together to give you a plan for launching your next (or first!) digital product. It's filled with a completely timeline, email marketing outline, pre-launch examples and MORE! 

Shoot me a DM once you grab 'em and let me know how you're the Launch Blueprint in your biz! @katschmoyer . Cheering for you, girl!

Hi y'all! I'm kat!

integrator & biz coach for creatives