How to Market Your Next Launch like a Pro

How to Market Your Next Launch like a Pro

How to Market Your Launch like a PRO
How to Market Your Launch like a PRO
How to Market Your Launch like a PRO (even if it's your first one!)

Let’s talk all about marketing your launch today!!

Marketing is essential when it comes to your launch. You want to make sure enough people KNOW about and are EXCITED about your launch so they’re jumping into this new offer. Whether that’s a course, membership, service, or anything else that you’re opening virtual doors to, we want to make sure people know & are excited about it.

I’m going to take the stress out of your marketing strategy today by sharing with you 4 proven strategies for marketing like a PRO (even if it’s your first one!)! Let’s jump in!



4 Strategies for Marketing Your Launch like a Pro

1. Don’t hide that you’re heading into Launch Mode.

You want people to be excited about what’s coming and sharing all the behind-the-scenes, sneak peeks, and process of your launch can do just that. (We talked about this when we talked about your pre-launch strategy too!) So, how do you do that?!

    1. Send emails & let your audience know what you’re getting ready for! Tell them details like when this course or product or membership will be available. Peel back the curtain a little bit to get them excited for what’s coming!
    2. Have some sort of WAIT LIST page so that as you are talking to your audience about this, they can let you know that they’re read for it. This wait list will become your warmest audience for your product or service & so you want to get them access as soon as it becomes available!

Build the hype, show them behind the scenes, and make sure you have a wait list page so that your audience can let you know that they’re pumped about what’s coming!

2. Create an opt-in specific to your launch.

Build your email list and pique your audience’s interest by creating an opt-in that is hyper-specific to the theme or topic of your launch.

3. Have AT LEAST 4 weeks of priming content.

Now, I’m a firm believer in the 6-8 week timeline of priming your audience but if you can’t do that be sure to have AT LEAST 4 weeks of priming content!! You want to prime your people by warming them up to seeing you as the expert on this topic — continue to show them that they can trust you as you laser-focus on your launch topic!

4. Leverage collaborations.

We also talked about this when we talked about the pre-launch, but collaborations allow you to get in front of new faces and grow cold leads into warm leads. You can do this by pitching yourself to be on podcast episodes and online summits, speaking at in-person events, doing Instagram collabs, and anything else that gets your face, what you do and who you serve in front of new people. Even when you’re considering that 6-8 weeks of priming your audience with content, you want to also be collaborating with others so you can bring in NEW people too and expand your reach!


So, there you go!

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. You can market like a PRO by taking these 4 strategies to heart & making the most out of your launch!


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