Contentment Challenge: January Goals

Yesterday began month one of the Contentment Challenge. 3 months of no unnecessary purchases and no excess spending. I am overwhelmed by those of you who have decided to take this journey with me!! YES. I’ve started a Facebook group to uplift us & keep us focused. Please join us! Also, remember to share your journey by using the hashtag #contentmentchallenge … I can’t wait to follow along with you!!

contentment-challenge-janEvery month of this challenge I am going to post our theme, our memory verse & an activity to help you stay focused for the month. Obviously, you don’t have to do anything I post; this challenge is what you make of it. For me, it’s helpful to break a larger challenge up into smaller feats. So these monthly goals will keep me focused on the main goal: contentment. I’m taking a lot of this challenge from the amazing Nancy Ray, the founder of the Contentment Challenge. She wrote an AMAZING blog series on this challenge!! I LOVE her memory verses, themes & challenges; but I wanted to give you a different approach, too. This way, you can follow hers & mine… a 2 for 1 kinda deal:) Be sure to check out her Month One Goals here!!


The Contentment Challenge: January

Memory Verse: Luke 12:15 (shown above)

Theme: Simplicity. You’ve started this journey because you realize you have too much stuff, and place too much value on your  “too much stuff”. We need to simplify. We need to focus on WHAT matters (as in people, relationships & Christ), not THINGS that matter (such as Target accessories or TJ Maxx cardigans). Our Memory Verse says that “not even when one has an abundance, does his life consist of his possessions” … Reality check: no matter how many scarves I have or designer purses I own, my life will NEVER be measured by my possessions. Ouch.

Challenge: Get Clutter Free. Clean out your clothes closet & give a few bags to goodwill. Sort through your hall closet, organize it & give away the excess to a family in need. Go through your kitchen cabinets & drawers; give away what you don’t need or use to someone who DOES need them. I love Nancy’s theme of generosity – GIVING AWAY your “stuff” to someone who actually NEEDS that stuff (whether it be Goodwill, a family in your church or another charity you feel called to). I want you to simplify your (physical) life, so that you can give it away! DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. This isn’t about your own pride in how clean/organized your house can get; this is about clearing your physical clutter so you see what you actually need, and what you have too much of. I promise it will help you realize that you have more than enough, and focus on what you already own, not what you want to buy.


And, for every month in 2014 I’m going to post my 5 personal goals for the month. (I chose five because it’s not too much to be overwhelming, not too little to not be enough of a challenge; and I just like odd numbers. Yes, I know that’s weird.)

  1. Start training for the 10K in March. As in, go run 3-4 days a week.
  2. Read Seven
  3. Clear the clutter in our basement. It’s like a vortex that sucks every random thing into it.
  4. Finish filling out my Powersheets. Preferably this weekend.
  5. Listen to worship music on my Pandora, instead of my Lady A or Colbie Caillat stations. Not that those are bad stations, but filling my head with Jesus is way better.


A new month. A new YEAR. A fresh start. A perfect time to make a change.

This entire challenge is about getting rid of an idol. Getting rid of something that DOES NOT fulfill us, and filling our lives with things that DO. I, for one, have a lot of clutter to clear, and some personal goals to accomplish… let’s get started!

xo, kat

I'm a biz coach and integrator for creatives! My job? To help you dreams & dailys happen every week. Rinse and repeat.

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