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The Ideal Launch Timeline

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Dear Sweetheart Events (OLD)

Launch Day:

Wow! It’s hard to believe today is actually here! I’ve been sitting on this dream for a little while now – rolling it around in my head, processing through what it would actually look like & wondering if it was feasible. Then, in August, I knew I needed to do it – and I needed […]

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Dear Sweetheart Events (OLD)

5 Don’ts for Overseas Travel

Yesterday we talked about My Packing Do’s, the things I found so important on my 15 day Pacific adventure, and the things I wish I had thought to bring!! Today I’m going to share with you some Don’ts. It’s actually not as long as the Do list, but still just as important!! Think carefully: carry-on […]

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Dear Sweetheart Events (OLD)

15 Packing Do’s for Overseas Travel

Let’s get one thing straight: if there were an award for World’s Best Over-packer, I’d win!! I don’t think I could EVER survive a backpacking adventure & am not ashamed I began my 15 day NZ/AUS trip with 1 carry-on size suitcase, 1 larger suitcase & 1 over-stuffed tote (I also ended my trip with […]

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Dear Sweetheart Events (OLD)

The ONE THING I wish I had when I was #ontheroadtofulltime

You’re tired. Scratch that… you’re exhausted. You’ve got lists for your lists, a pile of unfinished to-do’s and it feels like balancing your day job & side-hustle will never be over. You’re unorganized, scatterbrained and you need a new system – FAST! Insert: TRELLO. The ONE THING I WISH I has when I was #ontheroadtofulltime […]

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Dear Sweetheart Events (OLD)

The Great Photo Escape: New Zealand Part 2

It’s time for Part 2 of my Pacific adventure!! I am SO excited to share the last half of the Great Photo Escape with you!!! Before heading to Queenstown (my favorite city), we visit Coramandel! I LOVED this beach!!! We had to hike to get to the beautiful beach, and the scenery along the way […]

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Dear Sweetheart Events (OLD)

The Great Photo Escape: New Zealand Part 1

It’s hard to believe I was in New Zealand with the Great Photo Escape 2 weeks ago!! 3 destinations, 40+ hours in the air, 20+ hours of driving… it was the trip of a lifetime & I’m so excited to start recapping the adventures on the blog!!! I started off my trip with a flight […]

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