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5 things to think about if you want to be a wedding planner Kat Schmoyer Education #business #weddingplanner #education #creative #smallbiz #entrepreneur

Business, For Wedding Planners

  I become a wedding planner for one very, very cliche reason: I planned my own wedding.   Yep, I know. Super original, Kat.   At the time, it seemed like the most natural thing for me to do.   See, I had always admired the creative business world. For years, I read blogs, pinned […]

5 Things To Think About If You Want To Be A Wedding Planner

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For Wedding Planners

I remember driving to my very first wedding rehearsal 4 years ago … palms sweating, heart racing, going over every detail in my head & wondering if I was actually prepared enough to do it.  Here I was running a Wedding Rehearsal for paying clients when in reality, I had NEVER run one before!!! (Talk […]

Wedding Rehearsal Do’s & Don’ts

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Business, For Wedding Planners

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get into wedding planning because I loved numbers. While I can get a little starry-eyed in office supplies stores (Hello, Staples!), and I love a good color-coded spreadsheet, organizing the WEDDING BUDGET quickly became my least favorite wedding planning tasks. When a bride would ask me if […]

My Biggest Dilemma As A Wedding Planner

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For Wedding Planners

This week’s post is a tiny bit different from the usual … in a GOOD way! Instead of hearing from ME, I asked my friend & fellow wedding planner Keri Ketterer of Always Yours Events to share her tried & true tips for attracting a private estate wedding client!! This girl is my go-to girl […]

How to Attract a Private Estate Wedding Client

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Business, For Wedding Planners

When I first launched Dear Sweetheart Events, I didn’t go through a full on “branding” process. At the time, it just wasn’t in the budget. I knew I would need it & wanted to make that my first big investment in small biz life, but I needed to book a few clients to afford the […]

The Secret Sauce to Closing the Sale (Almost) Every Time

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Business, For Wedding Planners, On The Road To Full Time

My inbox may or may not be my worst nightmare. It tends to get a little bit unorganized, all kinds of crazy & that much harder to reach 0!!  (I learned early on that if I let the emails pile up, it’s THAT much harder to knock ’em down!!!) My BIGGEST woe with my inbox […]

My #1 Time Saving Hack: Canned Emails

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