The Secret Sauce to Closing the Sale (Almost) Every Time


When I first launched Dear Sweetheart Events, I didn’t go through a full on “branding” process. At the time, it just wasn’t in the budget. I knew I would need it & wanted to make that my first big investment in small biz life, but I needed to book a few clients to afford the investment.

A few months into the business, I was able to make the investment and so excited to reach out to designers!! I had already been researching who I wanted to reach out to, but besides that I really didn’t know much about the process.

I was inquiring as an uneducated but very excited potential client.

…which is exactly what happens when our potential clients inquire with us.

You receive inquiry after inquiry filled with excited, newly engaged brides ready to plan a Pinterest-worthy dream day.

—> How do you take an excited but uneducated potential client and turn her into a excited AND educated client?

—> How do you educate her about the planning process your team walks her through?

—> How do you turn her into not just a potential client but a raving FAN of your business?

4 years ago, when little ol’ me was inquiring with brand designers, do you want to know the #1 reason I booked the designer I did?

She educating me on her client process, shared in my excitement & met me exactly where I was … all through a branded & professional Package & Pricing Guide.

Yep, you read that.

It might seem crazy that it was literally a look-book that made the decision for me… but it was!

When I received her 10+ page document, attached to her first email back to me, telling me more about who she was, her entire client process & breaking down the investment, I was hooked.

And I knew right away that my potential brides needed the exact same thing!!

I got to work on my very first Package & Pricing Guide and while it might not have been the prettiest thing on the block (hello, DIY-ing my design!), it got the job done.

Over the years, my guide has evolved to a now 24 page PDF and I constantly get comments from clients like this:

  • “Beautiful guide!”
  • “Thank you so much for sending this over; your work is gorgeous!”
  • “I knew the minute I opened your guide that I had to work with you!”


Why is a Package & Pricing Guide so effective? And how can it be effective for YOU?

The chance she has ever hired someone for your services is highly unlikely.

For my wedding planners out there: we’re typically working with first time brides. She’s never planned a wedding before, let alone her OWN wedding! What does that mean? She’s excited but clueless!! She needs someone (you!) to TEACH her what to expect about the entire process!! Having a branded Package & Pricing Guide sets you up as the professional from the very beginning. It builds trust. It builds respect. And she’s more likely to take you (and your company) seriously because of it.

If you want her to pay a premium for your service, she has to know what she’s paying for.

When I was getting ready to pay thousands of dollars for a brand designer, I wanted to know I was hiring a true professional. Timely emails, proper grammar & finding a good personality fit mattered to me. And having the ability to look through a 10+ page PDF all about my designer was the icing on the cake. She sold me in that PDF because I instantly felt connected to her; I understand everything she was about, exactly what she offered & I basically said “Take all my money!”!!

She wants (NEEDS) visuals.

She’s going to get lost reading paragraph after paragraph in Gmail. Give her something she can glance through – with bolded text, highlighted sections & beautiful imagery – to allow her to quickly get to know you & your business! 

It’s not just about the money.

Not only does she have to know what she’s paying for (#2), but she has to understand the EXPERIENCE behind it. You can’t do that in a simple email. You need to make her FEEL your experience and what better way to do that than through branded fonts, branded colors & branded portfolio images that speak to your ideal client?

She needs to see your professional, organized self from the very beginning.

First impressions matter. In fact, in business I think they are the most important because we have approx. 7 seconds to impress ‘em before they turn & run. Attract & repel, remember? You want her to feel so secure with her purchase (no buyer’s remorse here!) because from the minute she sent you that first excited inquiry, you showed up & you showed up BIG! You met her needs (even needs she didn’t know she had), connected with her on a personal level & provided a service she now can’t live without.


Ready to make your own professional, branded Package & Pricing Guide? Ready to wow your clients from the very beginning, closing the sale before it really begins?

Head over to the KS Shop and take a look at my 24 page Customizable Package & Pricing Guide – ready to be edited & sent to your very next inquiry (it’s that easy, I promise!)!





xo! kat

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