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7 Things You Might Not Know About Kat! [It’s my 4 year biz-aversary!]

October 1 was my four year business anniversary … like most anniversaries, the natural thing to say right now is: where has the time gone?! And I firmly believe that statement rings true right now!

It’s been 1,460 days of the biggest adventure of my life … and I hope it never ends!:)

To celebrate being in this crazy small business world for 4 years, I’m sharing 7 things you might not know about me & the business!!:)


1) I changed my major 5 times in college … in a 2 month time period. Just call me Miss Indecisive. I have always been a planner, and my sophomore year of college it all came to a head when I realized I had NO IDEA what I wanted to “be in when I grew up”. I tried desperately to fit into multiple molds … and they were all square pegs & round holes. After 2 months of stress, I took a breather, had a great conversation with my dad & decided to go with Business Administration. The rest, they say, is history!:)

2) I started Dear Sweetheart Events just 3 months after saying “I do”. Matt really didn’t know what he was getting himself into! After planning our own wedding, basking in wedding bliss & realized that I really COULD live the life I always wanted, I dove headfirst into entrepreneurship with a $500 partial planning client and a guest-bedroom-turned-office.

3) Matt and I never, ever thought we would run this business together. 18 months ago we jokingly said that Matt would be the “stay at home dad”… and that dream continue to grow & grow when we began to think about the FREEDOM our life would have if we ran this business, and our home, together. But 4 years ago?! Ha. I would have laughed out loud & said we’d kill each other.;)

4) I launched Creative at Heart 10 months after starting Dear Sweetheart Events. Most people are surprised to hear that I started C@H when I was a young boss lady myself… but I did! I was less than one year into this journey but I saw a need for a conference that combined practical education with heartfelt moments. In a nutshell, C@H was exactly what I was looking for in my first year; and it’s been SO amazing to watch it grow over the years!!

5) I grew DSE and C@H while working a full-time job… for 17 months. Y’all. I look back on that time of my life and wonder how in the WORLD it all happened. Busy was an understatement. I was consumed with my business … with building momentum, serving my brides and continuing to watch it grow. I was fighting tooth & nail to take my business and full-time and the day I walked out of my day-job with a box of desk knick-knacks is a day I will never, ever forget.

6) My website was live (& I was booking clients & working on styled shoots) for 7 MONTHS before I had a portfolio on my website!!  Guys: everyone starts somewhere!! That is my BIGGEST piece of advice to new boss ladies!! STOP trying to make it perfect and just START somewhere!!! My blog was the main page of my website; I had a “Meet Kat”, “Details” & “Let’s Chat” page… that’s it. Why? I was BUILDING my portfolio WHILE growing my business… I didn’t jump into business ownership WITH a portfolio!! If you find yourself in a similar situation, stop making excuses and get that site up, girl!!! Your portfolio will come. And if you have a blog (which you should) then you build your portfolio over TIME on your blog. I call that a win-win!:)

7) For my senior pictures in high school, I posed with a pink razor & my favorite Vera Bradley purse with matching belt. I thought I’d go ahead and continue embarrassing myself by posting this picture for all of you to see!:)


I’d love to hear something I might not know about YOU!! Leave me a comment and let me know!!


xo! kat



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