Yearly Goals: 17 in 2017

When I started blogging, I loved blogging about goals. I felt inspired & motivated & while I didn’t meet every single goal, making them helped set the tone for my business & life that year.

I blogged my 14 in 2014 & 15 in 2015. I sat down and read through 14 in 2014 & 15 in 2015 the other night. I cried, y’all. I REMEMBERED those moments so vividly!! I remembered the highs & the lows … and it was so interesting to see/read how much has changed in the last few years.

I didn’t do a 16 in 2016, and I regret it. I didn’t do it because I stepped into 2016 exhausted – emotionally & mentally. I didn’t have the brain capacity to think about what I wanted to accomplish in 2016… and while so many amazing things did happen (my full recap post is coming next week!), I didn’t feel focused. I scurried around searching & searching for PURPOSE. Looking for my WHY. And I almost gave up, multiple times.

The me who wrote that 14 in 2014, the me who wrote that 15 in 2015 … she grew a bit jaded to the world of small business. And for a while I hated that… until I realized that it didn’t have to be a BAD thing. Our circumstances, whether good or bad, are what we MAKE of them. If you’re feeling a bit burnt out, if you’re searching for your passion & purpose, KEEP searching. Don’t stop. Keep pushing & pulling & do not quit. It’s worth every ugly tear & anxious feeling!!!! Your dream is worth the fight, friend!

Because I regret not doing a 16 in 2016, I challenged myself to do a 17 in 2017… 10 business & 7 personal goals I hope to make happen in 2017. Here we go:


  1. Launch a brand new C@H website (with details for Summer 2017) 
  2. Finish & launch a project for C@H that is unlike any other (AH!) 
  3. Launch the DSE blog – focus & intention specifically for brides
  4. Style 3 styled shoots this year (last year I didn’t do ANY outside of workshops; I miss them!)
  5. Launch 2 courses for KS (still in the brainstorming stage but excited about this!) 
  6. Update/refresh products in the Shop (and rebrand the shop to be KS not DSE)
  7. Launch On The Road 2018 in the fall (The 2017 program just kicked off & it’s been amazing!) 
  8. Have a better system for the finances of all my businesses (potentially hiring a bookkeeper) 
  9. Speak at 3 events 
  10. Book 5 more weddings for the DSE team



  1. Complete a 6 month Contentment Challenge (Along with alllll the goals that go with that!!! PS. Join our FB group here!)
  2. Do not make any large decisions or have any serious conversations after 9pm. (I stoled this from Katie! She told me that their family rule is no serious conversations after 10pm because we are way more emotional at night – and it has resonated so much with me!) 
  3. Accept the wait. Remember that I am called to be content in every season, whatever the circumstances. 
  4. Sing more. I love to sing – did you know that? I miss it, a lot.
  5. Make going to the gym a habit. My goal is to loose 10lbs by April 1 and then another 10 by July 1. (I’ve gained 15lbs in the last 2 years & it’s time to see it go). But more than that, I want to feel energized & happy with how I treat my body.
  6. Open, honest & patient communication with Matt. 2016 was hard for us; and we have both handled it in our own way. I want to ensure I am always open & honest about how I feel, give myself grace & give HIM grace. 
  7. Get 2 more tattoos. This one really is up to Matt, not me… so we’ll see 🙂 

Have you shared your own goals for 2017? I’d love to read them.

xo! kat


3rd Anniversary image by Alicia Lacey Photography in Colorado Springs, CO


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