My Biggest Investments in 2016 - Kat Schmoyer

My Biggest Investments in 2016

I’ll be honest, this post was originally scheduled for Thursday. Today I was going to recap all of 2016 … but 2016 was full & busy & hard & I’m not quite done with what I want to say. So I’m moving things around & today I’m sharing about my biggest investments in 2016!

Most of you know that I am embarking on the Contentment Challenge for 2017 … part of my reason behind doing the challenge is because I realized my spending habits are pretty disgusting. Yep, downright gross. Too many red cups of Starbucks & too many red shopping carts at Target. While I did make some pretty terrible spending choices this year, I did make some worthwhile business investments I want to share with you.

Here are my top three investments for the year:

  1. Hiring a Lawyer to Complete the Trademark Process. Yes, that’s right. Creative at Heart (both our name & our @ symbol) have officially been trademarked!! I am overjoyed about this one, friends!!! I feel so… official. Like this dream of mine really is mine… and it’s here to stay. (I worked with a private lawyer, and am happy to pass on his contact if interested. However I highly recommend Christina Scalera for those looking to work with someone!)
  2. Hiring a Virtual Assistant. Oh, Emily. I brought her onto my team in August and life will never be the same. (I’m planning to write even more about why I chose to hire a VA next week, don’t worry!) Outsourcing has become something I am SO passionate about & highly recommend! She started with 5 hours per week & is now doing 40-50 hours per MONTH! I love her & can’t get enough!!:) While it was an investment (both in time & money), it has paid off ten-fold & I love having her behind the scenes with me!
  3. Hiring Kelly & Andra of With Grace & Gold. I have worked with these ladies so much in the last few months!! They were key players in the launch of the KS brand, as well as the re-launch of DSE. They worked behind the scenes on the On The Road To Full Time launch, and we’re currently working on another DSE project AND a brand spankin’ new look for C@H!! WHEW! I keep telling them they’re going to get sick of me, yet luckily for me they haven’t yet!

NOTE: I have had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing brand & web designers over the years; and I have never, ever had a bad experience!! However I realized when I started talking with Kelly & Andra that they were the perfect fit for me & this season of my businesses.  Just like you have an ideal client, you also have an ideal brand designer, web designer, virtual assistant, lawyer, etc..! I encourage you to feel comfortable and confident in talking with several business owners before hiring!:) 


What were some of YOUR biggest investments in 2016?? Where are you aiming to invest in 2017? 

xo! kat

I'm a biz coach and integrator for creatives! My job? To help you dreams & dailys happen every week. Rinse and repeat.

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