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BLOG, Mompreneur

Oh wow, y’all!!! I am a few months behind on these Micah blog posts and am SO glad I’m sitting down to write it all out!!! I was starting to feel some intense mom-guilt for being 3 months behind in his blog posts … especially because #mombrain is REAL right now and I am forgetting […]

Micah Asher, Four, Five & Six Months

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BLOG, Miscarriage, Personal

Oh, man. This is a hard conversation – for both parties. I have had this happen in the best of ways & in the worst of ways, and thought it might be helpful to share some insight on what IS helpful. (If you would like to read more on our journey to start a family, you […]

How to Tell a Miscarried Mama that You’re Expecting

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BLOG, Business, Personal

When I started blogging, I loved blogging about goals. I felt inspired & motivated & while I didn’t meet every single goal, making them helped set the tone for my business & life that year. I blogged my 14 in 2014 & 15 in 2015. I sat down and read through 14 in 2014 & 15 […]

Yearly Goals: 17 in 2017

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BLOG, Contentment Challenge, Personal

It’s here, it’s here! January 1 has arrived. It’s a gorgeous day here in lil’ ol’ Timberville, VA. Our Christmas decor might still be up, my inbox might be crazy full & my Powersheets might not be complete but you know what? It’s January 1, 2017. And that’s something worth celebrating! The Contentment Challenge is […]

Contentment Challenge: January

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BLOG, Contentment Challenge, Personal

First of all, thank you so much for your response to my last post. Your kindness & love meant the world. To those of you who reached out with your own story, please know that I am thinking of you often.  As I said on Thursday, I am jumping in the Contentment Challenge on January […]

The Contentment Challenge: Guidelines & Goals

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BLOG, Contentment Challenge, Miscarriage, Personal

In 2014, during my first full year in business, I took part in the Contentment Challenge. I was first introduced to the idea of the challenge in April of 2013 by Nancy Ray (you can read her blog post here). It took me 9 months to decide that I would actually do the Contentment Challenge. As […]

The Contentment Challenge 2017

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I’ve never been one to do just one thing.

In fact, I prefer to do all the things… which is one of the many reasons why entrepreneurship & I are a perfect pair.

Multi-passionate? That’s me.
Dreamer of big things? This girl.

It's possible to dream big dreams - and make 'em happen - while also slaying the day & conquering your to-do list. I'm living proof... and you can be, too.

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