Yearly Goals: 15 in 2015 Recap - Kat Schmoyer

Yearly Goals: 15 in 2015 Recap

I know we’re already in 2016, but I’ve got some 2015 recap posts lined up and I’m excited to share them with you!:)

2015 ended more hectic than I planned, and although in a perfect world I would have recapped these goals IN 2015, life isn’t perfect and I’m saying “better late than never”!

I’ve been making yearly goals for the year since 2014; it’s a great way for me to look back at the last year & look ahead to the new year! (You can see my 2014 here!)

Here’s a recap of last year’s goals:

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  1. Intentionality with my Husband – I tried to conquer work-life balance this year & I realized it will always be a work in progress for me. Being a small biz owner who works from home, it can be so hard to separate the two!! I’m so blessed to have a husband who understands my small biz desires, and also encourages me to put the phone away!
  2. Taking DSE full-time – YAY!!! In March 0f 2015, I became a full-time small business owner.
  3. Staying on top of my Business Finances – Oi!! This may be my biggest “what DIDN’T work” in 2015. I am currently working on a much better way to organize and stay on top of the finances. Suggestions are always welcome:)
  4. Run that 10K – I did not do this. In fact, much to my disappointment, I actually stopped running all together. More on this in tomorrow’s 16 in 2016 post:)
  5. Book 5 more 2015 brides – I ended my year with 21 brides in 2015! They were an amazing lineup!!:)
  6. Host 2 more Creative at Heart Conferences – We did it!!! We hosted 3 conferences in 2015!
  7. Update the DSE Bride binder – I updated the quality and design and love the durability!
  8. Attend Trouvaille & Pursuit Community – I loved attending both of these conferences!! Investing in education is so important and I loved getting to refuel at both of these experiences.
  9. Buy a House – In July, we bought our home!!! We LOVE it and have been knee deep in renovating & decorating ever since!
  10. Learn to manage and operate a growing DSE team – I had a team of 5 interns in 2015! These ladies drove across multiple states with me & helped love on the my brides. They helped me learn a lot about myself & what DSE needs in the future.
  11. Begin booking 2016 brides – I can’t believe it’s 2016!! I’m truly in love with the ladies who I am working with this year & can’t wait for my first wedding in April!
  12. Move the DSE Office into a Floral/Design Studio – The Lord threw a surprise at us with this one! Through the course of 2015, I realized that while I love flowers and want to continue to make them a part of the my bride experience, a floral design studio was no longer on my bucket list. Over the last 365 days, my heart has been shifting & I promise to share more soon!
  13. Spend more days hiking Skyline Drive – This did NOT happen near enough. More on this tomorrow, too.
  14. Find a more efficient system for Floral Recipes/Proposals/Orders – Practice makes perfect!! What a blessing! I feel like I’m more confident & secure in my floral design workflow & process this  year!
  15. Spend more time with Jesus – I’m ready to carve out more intentional time with my Savior in 2016. If I’m being honest, 2015 was scattered and inconsistence. Bu thanks to some amazing new books from Sarah, 2016 is already off to a much better start.


xo!! kat

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