My Number One Tip for Wedding Planners


Wedding planners are asked to play a lot of roles during the wedding day. We act as educator, mentor, provide manual labor, handle the nitty-gritty tasks others may not want to do, and we’re usually the first to arrive and last to leave. We give our couples everything we have, and they expect nothing less.

My number one tip for wedding planners is simple: Never let the stress show.

As a wedding planner, we’re thinking about A LOT of things!!! And we tend to be the one guests, vendors and even our clients vent to or lash out at when things are going wrong. We have to have thick skin and smile even when we don’t feel like it!

Maybe you’re balancing multiple brides and juggling lots of wedding to-dos, or maybe it’s the day-of and everything under the sun is going wrong and a guest looks at you and say’s “this is wedding planner sucks” (yes, that happened!) … regardless of the situation, regardless of the words exchanged, your number one priority is to never let the stress show.

If a question is asked that I don’t know the answer to, I smile sweetly and say something like “Let me double check” or “I’ll get right back with you” or “I’ll get to the bottom of that right now!”. I never let them see me sweat. I never want to seem unprepared, unprofessional or confused with wedding details. Oh, there are times when I am SO confused… but I try not to let it show:)

Our role is to act as facilitator for both vendor situations and guest hospitality. I want to consider EVERY angle before wedding day so that I can have a handle on ‘surprises’ that will naturally arise. I want to be cool, calm and collected… and if I’m not, I take a breather in the bathroom & collect myself. We all have those moments, just don’t let everyone see them:)

I’ve been drunkenly cussed at, hit on, thrown up on (don’t ask) and asked to do almost every job under the sun (whether or not it was in the contract!)! Take it in stride, friends. You can do it (and if you can’t, you find someone who can!). Smile. Breathe. And work it. You’re a professional and they have hired you because they believed in you … when the unthinkable is happening, remember that:)

I’m sure I’m not the only one with crazy wedding day stories! What are yours?! Have there been times you’ve had to remind yourself to never let the stress show? 

xo! kat

Image by Alicia Lacey Photography

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