So you want to be an “Educator”?


This term keeps popping up a lot. Kinda like Mastermind, Speaker, Biz Coach, Encourager… these are buzz words I’m seeing people use more & more in instagram bios.

Is that a bad thing? Nope!! However just because someone calls themselves an educator… or speaker .. or biz coach … doesn’t mean they ARE.

But, wait, Kat. I want to be an Educator. How do you DO it? How do I call myself one and actually MEAN it? I’m so glad you asked:)

First things first, why do you want to be an “Educator”?

Does it make you feel like you’ve “made it”? What about it sounds appealing to you?

Let’s be real, it’s a sexy title … it sounds successful, doesn’t it? It’s nice to feel wanted & needed; when people are coming to you for advice… when people are emailing you asking to be educating on a certain thing, you feel desired. And you feel cool.

I get that. There’s no denying that when someone emails me seeking advice I get a little rush of excitement & feel a tiny bit cooler than I actually am.

However this is so much more to educating than that. If you’re educating just because you feel cool, you like the sound of your own voice or you love the rush of feeling wanted… you’re not doing it for the right reasons. Giving of your time, giving of your hard-earned advice takes time, effort & work. It takes heart.

You have to understand WHY you want people to email you & seek advice in the first place. Do you love helping people? Do you love teaching? Do you enjoy one-on-one time with other small biz owners? When you understand WHY you’re doing it, it will make marketing that you ARE an educator that much easier. I promise.

Here’s a few more things to consider before using the term Educator on your Insta-bio:

  • Being an “Educator” doesn’t mean regurgitating information you haven’t tried & tested. You can’t go to a conference, workshop, etc. learn all about blogging & then expect to teach on blogging.  You need to apply what you have learned on blogging by blogging yourself & trying out the very tactics you’ve been taught.
  • Being an “Educator” means you have experience with whatever it is you are educating about. Do you want to be considered an Educator in the Wedding Planning Industry? How long have you been wedding planning? What is your experience? How many weddings have you planned; how many years have you been in business? While numbers & statistics aren’t everything, they do matter. Your clients want to know you KNOW the industry; you need to have relatable, personal experience in whatever it is you hope to educate on.
  • Start Educating on things people ASK you about. Whether you know it or now, you are positioning yourself in the market. You are sharing content around whatever it is you consider yourself an expert in. Whether that be on insta-story, in a blog post or in your newsletter – when you start sharing freely people will notice… and they will ask questions. Look at the content you are already putting out there… do people respond? What do they email you & ask? What do they DM you about? That’s where you need to start. *Don’t know? ASK THEM. Ask them what they want to hear, see & read from you. I bet they tell you!*


Do you consider yourself an “Educator” in the industry? What’s your why?

xo! kat

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