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Quarterly Planning for Type B Business Owners

Quarterly Planning for Type B Business Owners

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If you haven’t heard, my biz bestie Megan Martin and I launched our NEW podcast, Talking Small Business. We’ve been diving deep into the real conversations about running a small business that we have on a daily basis – and bringing you into the conversation. Recently, we talked about what it’s like quarterly planning as a Type B biz owner. While I’m definitely Type A, Megan is not…. so it was a great chance to dig into what it can be like to plan if calendars, colored organizers, and Trello boards aren’t really your style. Megan and I also talked a lot about what we think each business owner needs to think about when you sit down to plan out a quarter for your business. 

And if you’re a Type A personality (like me!), don’t worry: I’m sharing some more secrets about how I plan for my business, too! I’m also sharing about some personal failures and what it feels like to miss a goal and deadline I’ve set for myself. Trust me when I say, there’s truly something for everyone in this episode of Talking Small Business

Inside this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why hard deadlines don’t always work in specific seasons of life
  • How to think about quarterly planning as a Type A AND Type B business owner 
  • How to schedule steps to actually reach your goals
  • Why you should avoid organizing for organization’s sake

Grab your earbuds & let’s talk about quarterly planning together



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