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How to Put Yourself Out There to Speak & Educate

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Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, live webinar series featuring business tips, heartfelt conversation and live Q&A. Every week will feature a different topic, as well as a variety of industry leaders!


–> Tired of sitting on the sidelines watching other educate, launch courses & speak from the stage?

–> Ready to finally get your name out there & add “educator” to your bio?

Jessica Rasdall is a speaking strategist for creative entrepreneurs and she’s joining me for this week’s Coffee Chat as we dig into practical ways you can put yourself out there as an educator & speaker in the creative industry!


How to put yourself out there to speak and educate with Jessica Rasdall // Kat Schmoyer Education #creative #entrepreneur #business #education #conference


To catch this week’s Coffee Chat with Kat, watch the replay below!!

(And don’t forget to save your seat to next week’s Coffee Chat with Kat: Finding Your Voice in a Saturated Market with Ashlyn Carter)


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