Announcing: The Business Intensive!


Today’s a big day over here!!

My friend Megan Martin and I on a project behind the scenes for a few months now & today we *finally* get to share it it with you …

Introducing: The Business Intensive – a 2 day day high-tough in-person education event, custom tailored to fit the needs of each & every attendee!

This is not a “basics” program.

This is for the small business owner who knows how to run a business … and chances are you’ve been doing it for few years!

Think of this as Business 2.0. High-touch education.

This is practical, all-hands-on-deck education … paired with our #realtalk approach & desire to actually help you while we’re together!!

We’ll break down your business goals and actually IMPLEMENT as we go – so you’ll walk away with action-steps & goals accomplished instead of a notebook-filled-with-ideas-and-no-time-to-get-them-done.

We’ve got years of entrepreneurship under our belt, combined with dozens of coaching clients + multiple revenue streams. And for the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing it all with you, together.

Click here to learn even more about the Business Intensive!! I’d love to see you in August! 🙂


xo! kat



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