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Lily Jade Anna Review

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The Anna bag is hands-down my favorite diaper bag I have ever owned. 

That’s saying a lot, I know. But I wouldn’t give it high praise if it wasn’t deserved!! 

I’ve told y’all before that I love the Lily Jade brand. Their Jennifer bag is another fave of mine and one I’ve reviewed for you before. But as much as I love the Jennifer bag, the Anna bag is in a league of it’s own! 

In general, Lily Jade bags scream quality. No detail is left unnoticed – they use the finest materials and their full grain leather bags are buttery soft. I also love the camel shade – the perfect shade that works all year long!! 

Before having Micah, I knew I wanted a backpack style diaper bag. I wanted to be hands-free when carrying (and now chasing!) a baby boy; I also wanted one that Matt wouldn’t mind carrying when necessary, yet also looked stylish & feminine when I was carrying it. 

Over the past year, I’ve tried several name brand backpack style diaper bags. Of those brands, I have two faves: Fawn Design Original & Lily Jade’s Anna. I’ll share more about why I love my Fawn Design in another post; today I want to focus on the Anna!! 

This bag is the only Lily Jade bag that does not have removable backpack straps. It was designed to be a backpack first & foremost & it’s one of the reasons I love it! It boasts their signature jade lining, their full-grain leather, gorgeous gold hardware & a fun leather tassel with jade beads. 

The reason this bag has become my favorite diaper bag is because it’s a two-in-one bag. 

We travel quite a bit with Micah. 3-4 times each month we’re jumping in the car for 2+ hour road trips to our hometown or to visit friends for the weekend. We’ve also taken over five 7+ hour road trips with him in the last year. That’s a lot of car / travel time!! I realized during our trips that I needed a bigger bag so I could fit more of my things in the same bag with Micah’s  – as much as I love my Fawn Design backpack, my laptop, ipad & planner don’t fit along with Micah’s things. So, I began searching for one bag that could efficiently store my laptop, etc and store Micah’s things! 

Insert: Lily Jade’s Anna!

Because of the two-in-one design, I can use one side for Micah & one side for myself. I opted for the Large size since I knew I wanted plenty of room for my tech things, yet I love the look of the Medium, too. (I think the Medium would be better as a true “every day” bag if you’re not carrying around the tech items!) 

The Large Anna is a big bag yet I don’t feel like I’m wearing a big bag. I’m petite (5’2”) so the bag does look big, but doesn’t FEEL big. I have packed it FULL and it’s held up great & work well for our travels. I’ve also used it as an everyday bag, just with less inside! 😉 

Here are a few specific things I love about the Anna: 

  • The leather is so soft! I was originally nervous it would feel heavy but it does not!! I also love the shade of the camel color (it’s comparable to Fawn Design’s original brown shade).
  • How deep the bag is!! I can fit SO many things inside!!! I’ve packed this both with Lily Jade packing cases & without; I prefer the cases since I like to organize toys, diaper needs & clothes in the various cases.
  • 2 large zipper pockets on the outside! There is a zipper pocket half way down & then a hidden zipper pocket that runs almost the entire length of the bag; this makes accessing my wallet, phone & sunglasses a breeze! I can also fit snacks for myself, hand sanitizer & oil rollers. They are huge!! 
  • My Hydro Flax fits in the outside pocket! The picture shows Micah’s 12 oz hydro on one side & my 20 oz hydro on the other. My 32 oz will also fit though it’s a bit tighter (yet this is the only backpack I’ve found that fits my 32 oz!). It’s so convenient to have outside water bottle access!!
  • The padded laptop case – my 13” Mac Air fits great, and I can also slide my 10” iPad pro inside, too. I love being able to store both!  
  • 2 zipper closure – each large opening features a 2 zipper closure which is very convenient when opening & closing the bag!
  • Minimal yet helpful inner storage – I love my Lily Jade Jennifer because it’s basically one big interior pocket. I like to organize the bag how I see fit. The Anna is similar in that they have been very intentional about inner storage; the front compartment has 1 zipper pocket & 2 slip pockets. The back has 1 laptop sleeve with magnetic snap closure & 2 elastic pockets. 
  • Like the Jennifer, this bag also has gold feet which helps to protect the leather from the ground. 
  • It comes with a messenger strap should you prefer that style; I’ve not personally used it like that, but it’s an option should you want to! 

I’ve been using my Anna for 3 months now & can’t wait to continue using it throughout the rest of our summer & fall travels. I even plan to use it for some traveling without Micah – that’s how much I love it! I also know the quality of Lily Jade is worth the price-point; it’s a bag that will withstand the test of time & I’ll continue reaching for it years from now! 

If you’d like to see more about the Anna, visit Lily Jade’s website here! I’ll also save a highlight to my Instagram Stories in case you’d like a video, too! 🙂 

Questions about the bag? Leave me a comment – I’m happy to help! 🙂 

Photography Credit: Jillian Michelle Photography

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  1. Shahnaz Motz says:

    I have send a lot of people complain about the weight of this bag when packed. Do you find it heavy?

  2. Emily says:

    Are you still loving this bag? I’ve been wrestling with getting either the Anna Large or Medium for over a year (eeesh!), the large looks HUGE on some pictures and youtube videos. But it looks perfectly sized on you and in all of your pics. I’m hoping to use it as a work, gym, travel, everyday when I’m going a thousand places bag. ‘m worried about the bag wearing me instead of me wearing that bag! Ha!

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