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June Monthly Faves: Digital Minimalism, StrengthsQuest & my go-to Mom Hack!

June Monthly Faves are here!! This month, I’m sharing my newest business investment you should do too, an eye-opening book I read this spring, a super simple & cheap mom hack, my new fave app and a one-piece that’s worth every penny!!

Kat Schmoyer Monthly Faves | June 2019

StrengthsQuest Coaching with Laura Foote:

In May, I jumped into a coaching call with Laura Foote on StrengthsQuest. I mentioned in my May Monthly Faves that I’m working to become more self-aware this year. Laura has an extensive background in both Gallup’s StrengthsFinder & Myers-Briggs. (She recently led a breakout session at Creative at Heart on StrengthsQuest!) I reached out to her about coaching and it was incredible, y’all!

StrengthsFinder is the first & only personality test I have taken where I immediately said “Yes, yes, yes! This is ME!”. As I read my Top 5 Strengths there was no doubt they were apparent in my life, and I felt empowered and understand more than ever before. I love the StrengthsFinder does just as it says – focuses on your strengths! And my session with Laura opened my eyes even further into how my Top 5 relate to one another & my life as a whole.

I highly recommend a coaching session with her if you’re looking for a way to empower your business & life! You can learn more here! (PS. If you’re not familiar with StrengthsFinder, here’s the book I have – it comes with access to the online test!)

A super simple & cheap mom hack:

We travel a lot with Micah and being the over-packer & over-planner that I am, I like to be prepared! 😉 I realized early on I wanted to take all (yes, all) our baby medicine with us on the road just in case. I grabbed a clear cosmetic case from Target and it’s been great! We keep all his medicine, extra travel lotion / shampoo, nail clippers & a thermometer in the clear case in our cabinet at home. When packing things up, I can quickly grab it & go (and easily see what’s inside / what we’re missing since it’s clear!). Here’s a similar one on Amazon!

My new favorite app:

During the Bachelor, my friend Jill invited me to join her on Marco Polo. She said we couldn’t text fast enough and needed to video our thoughts as we watched! 😉 Since January, it’s been my go-to app for communicating with friends!!

Entrepreneurship can feel isolating & lonely – we work from home day in & day out… alone. Marco Polo is like my own personal Insta-Story! I get to start video messages with friends about random mom things, life updates, prayer requests and yes, Bachelorette thoughts! Download Marco Polo for free & give it a try with your besties – regardless of where they live or what their day to day life looks like! 🙂

My fave worth-every-penny one-piece:

Finding a one-piece that’s cute & comfortable is every mom (or women’s) worst nightmare. Heck, wearing a bathing suit in today’s culture takes courage & I salute every woman I see at a pool or beach rockin’ her swimwear!! This summer, I set out to find a one-piece that covered everything, yet didn’t leave me feeling like a nun. I wanted to feel beautiful, tucked in & ready to chase a toddler!

I got hit with Facebook Ads for Summersalt and decided to give them a try. I purchased 2 styles to compare: the Sidestroke and the Backflip. The Sidestroke won hands down!!

It’s the most flattering suit I have ever worn, and stays perfectly in place whether wet or dry!! No, it’s not cheap but it’s worth it for the quality. They also make returns / exchanges easy-peasy! As far as sizing goes, I have an 8. I’m usually a 6 but wanted to breath easier! 😉 (For reference: I’m 5’2″, typically a 29″ in jeans & a S/M or 6 in tops/dresses.)

I’m excited to have my new go-to suit for pool & beach trips with Micah!!

What I’m reading:

In March, I read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and it was very eye-opening!! I was in a season of overwhelm with social media and the power that Instagram in particular had over my heart. While I was reading his book, I took a 4-week break from instagram and plan to take another break (likely following his 30 day cleanse method) later this year. If you’ve been questioning social media or feeling chaotic & discontent on the platform, you’ll likely love this read!!

Photography Credit: Jillian Michelle Photography

Please note that while this article does include affiliate links, I only share content or resources that I personally use. I might get a small kickback for purchases made through these links but wouldn’t recommend any of these resources unless I trusted using them in my own businesses/life. 🙂

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