How I Use My Creatives Calendar for Business

Being a wedding planner, I think it’s safe to say you know I love a good calendar! 🙂

There’s just something about color-coding a calendar that has me all heart eyes & feeling even more excited about what’s ahead! I think futuristically so I find when I’m feeling stressed (or in order to avoid stress) it helps me to visually see what’s coming & plan accordingly.

When Lindsay Letters came out with her Creatives Calendar I knew I had to make the splurge. Not only do I love (& have!) so many of Lindsay’s products, but her heart for business & people is something I wholeheartedly stand behind!!

Fun fact: my very first styled shoot was inspired by one of her prints!!

Anyway. I knew I needed to give her calendar a whirl and y’all, it’s the prettiest and most functional thing in my office.

Here are the stats of mine:

  • Seasonal Calendar (4 month view)
  • Sunday Start
  • Frame: Modern Gold
  • Size: The Epic (AKA so gigantic it’s what dreams are made of!)

I use quite a few calendars to organize life/business, and almost daily I get asked about my Creatives Calendar on IG so I thought I’d break down how I use my Creatives Calendar for business:

A few things to point out:

  • The Creatives Calendar is not my daily scheduling planner. I use a hybrid version of Google Calendar & my Simplified Planner for that!
  • It’s solely used for business, nothing personal.
  • It’s main use is to give me a big picture view (literally!) of my companies launch schedule & large goals.

Let’s dig into that last one: before having the Creatives Calendar, I found that I was floundering around chaotically when it came to my launch schedule & quarterly company vision. I was doing one of two things:

  • putting too much on my plate with not enough margin for rest therefore exhausting myself & my team by putting too many launches too close together
  • OR not having enough launches take place so financially we were taking a hit & therefore stressing about money / trying to make up for it in the next quarter

I felt like I was a mess!!! Running three businesses is already complicated but I knew I was making it even MORE complicated with my lack of overview on all three combined!!

I wanted a way for me to clearly & efficiently see BIG picture goals for the quarter so I could map out an organized plan of attack.

Insert: The Creatives Calendar

Lindsay’s calendar allows for me to see 4 months at a time. I have a color-code system using both pens & post-its so I can map out Big Picture Goals / Launches at the beginning of each 4 month set. I can then organize all three of my companies with ONE calendar vs. staring at several.

I know most of you don’t have 3 companies like I do, but here’s what I’d say to that: if you have multiple revenue streams in your business & are looking for a way to map out your launches, email campaigns, etc. then you’ll LOVE this calendar!!

For me, each business has a post-it color / pen color that I use; for you, you can give each revenue stream a color. Here’s an example of how you can color-code for multiple revenue streams:

  • Coaching Services: PINK
  • Shop Products: BLUE
  • Planning Services: GREEN
  • E-Course: YELLOW

By setting up your calendar this way, you can view each revenue stream evenly & allow yourself to plan accordingly around various launches throughout the year!! You’ll understand when you need to push certain offers in your business, ensure there’s not too much overlap in launch seasons with your audience and schedule out seasons of REST so it’s not go-go-go all the time! 🙂

I thought I’d answer a few more FAQ’s around my calendar, if you have any others feel free to leave me a comment!!

Why the Seasonal / 4 month view vs. the Quarterly View? I debated heavily however I’m happy with my Seasonal calendar!! I like being able to see 4 months at a time so I know what to expect at the beginning of the next business quarter. I also didn’t need the larger space for notes that’s included on the Quarterly view, but you may love that!

What pens do I use? I did a lot of research – aka watching Lindsay’s IG Stories 😉 – and I love using these pens! They are a wet eraser meaning you must use a damp paper towel to wipe them off – they will not just rub off when you touch the calendar!

What size post-it’s do I use? I love using this size!! It fills up the space of the day on my calendar size perfectly.

Be sure to visit Lindsay’s website to snag your own!! Do you have a Creatives Calendar? How do you use yours?

Please note that while this article does include affiliate links, I only share content or resources that I personally use. I might get a small kickback for purchases made through these links but wouldn’t recommend any of these resources unless I trusted using them in my own businesses/life. 🙂

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