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July Faves – Essie Gel Setter, Write the Word Journal & Hart of Dixie

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July Monthly Faves are here!! This month, I’ve got my favorite nail polish for on the go mamas, an outsourcing resource for entrepreneurs I love, my go-to Netflix binge, the pants I live in and my favorite morning devotional. 

Kat Schmoyer Monthly Faves | July 2019

My favorite nail polish for on-the-go mamas: 

I used to never be able to paint my nails; minutes after the polish had dried, at least one would chip. It was so frustrating and also expensive because when I wanted my nails done, I had to pay a professional. 

Insert: Essie Gel Setter 

I love this polish!! I’ll paint my nails during naptime & use this as the clear coat on top. It works amazingly well & my nails do not chip like they used to! Highly recommend if you’re on-the-go like I am and struggle with chipped nails! 

Outsourcing with Love

A few months ago, my sweet friend Emily launched an incredible resource for creative entrepreneurs – Outsourcing with Love! Outsourcing with Love is an online directory of vetted professionals ready to tackle your business to-do’s so you can focus on what really matters. Emily and Jenna have been working so hard to create an exceptional client experience for the members of their directory, and help other service providers connect with them! If you’re looking to grow your team, check them out! 🙂 

My go-to Netflix binge:

Hart of Dixie, y’all! This lighthearted, heart-warming show has been my favorite for over a year now. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it!! It sucked me in during maternity leave and since then I’ve re-watched it when I need a good laugh, a fun story or just background noise while working! 😉 If I could pick any TV show to live in, I’d pick Hart of Dixie every time!! 🙂 

The sweatpants I never wanna take off

Loft’s Lou & Grey brand offers a pair of Signature Soft sweatpants and, y’all, they live up to the name!! They are the SOFTEST pants I have ever worn!! The price tag made me hesitate but Loft will run really great 40-60% sales. Over the past 6 months, I’ve snagged every color – black, navy & grey – and I live in them!! I wore them to & from Scotland for comfort on the long flight and I even think the black or navy could be dressed up for all you traditional 9-5ers out there! 😉 Snag a pair here!! 

What I’m reading: 

Quiet times with Jesus have always been a struggle for me. Journalling is also a struggle… I want to journal, but can never keep up with it! So thinking of combining those two seems impossible. Then, I found the Write the Word Journal by Cultivate!! 

This journal gives me daily scripture to write (because writing His word is so powerful!), and a page to journal. Sometimes I journal thoughts on the scripture and other times I journal prayers. It also prompts me to write a word for the day and something I’m grateful for. It’s short, sweet & perfect for my morning routine!! I’m currently using the Joy journal and I’ve also used the Renewaljournal!

Pic with Emily: Traci Huffman Photography /// Flatlay: Ashley Powell Photography

Please note that while this article does include affiliate links, I only share content or resources that I personally use. I might get a small kickback for purchases made through these links but wouldn’t recommend any of these resources unless I trusted using them in my own businesses/life. 🙂

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