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Lily Jade Jennifer Review

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Before having Micah, I stumbled upon the Lily Jade brand online & loved what I saw! When I became pregnant, I did a lot of research on diaper bags and while I have a few brands I love, Lily Jade is at the top of the list!

Their bags scream quality. They are made with the finest of materials and absolutely beautiful in person! I have a few of their bags and today I want to highlight one of their lifestyle bags – the Jennifer

I’ll admit, I never thought I would want a nylon bag – their leather is buttery soft & so stunning in person! Yet when I saw the Jennifer in black nylon with gold hardware, I loved it! It’s classic yet casual, and very light-weight!

This bag is considered one of their lifestyle bags yet can absolutely be used as a diaper bag if you’d like. Really, all of their bags are so versatile & work well as a diaper bag, mom bag, oversized purse, gym bag, travel bag … you get the picture! 😉

Lily Jade is also known for bags that convert to a backpack with simple strap. I love having the option to add the backpack straps, or wear the bag over my shoulder! They are also known for their signature jade lining; it’s so pretty in person & having a colorful interior is a fun pop on their bags.

Because of the Jennifer is in their lifestyle collection, it does not include their bag organizer however one will fit if you add it! I have one and have used my Jennifer both with the organizer & without. I personally prefer the bag without it, and love using my packing cases if I want a bit more organization in the bag!!

There are a few things I love about the Jennifer specifically:

  • The interior pockets – I love that it resembles a tote bag with one large interior pocket, yet still has 2 slip pockets (for chapstick, cell phone, etc) and 1 interior zipper pocket. The open quality of the bag allows me to organize the bag however I’d like!
  • The exterior pockets – The front of the Jennifer mimics the back; both feature a large zipper pocket. It’s great for storage & I love the look of the gold hardware against the black nylon!
  • The leather detail – even though this bag is a nylon bag, it’s trimmed in full grain leather. The straps & the zipper pull are leather & it adds to the quality of the bag!
  • The gold feet – this might seem silly, but when investing in a bag at this price-point, I worry about taking care of the bag long-term. Feet on the bag keep the material off the ground & overall protect the bag!!
  • It’s lightweight – I have 2 other Lily Jade bags; both are full-grain leather & while I love the leather, the nylon is lighter. (I wouldn’t call the leather bags “heavy” however the nylon is lighter.) The nylon is also moisture resistant & wipeable which is convenient!

I mentioned before that there are countless ways you can use the Jennifer. I’m actually looking forward to flying with it because of the style, it will work well under the seat in front of me (I’ll be able to easily slide the bag out & grab what I need!). Currently, I’ve been using it as my pump bag and it’s worked so, so well!!

As a pump bag, I’m able to fit:

If you’d like to see more about the Jennifer, visit Lily Jade’s website here! Huge thanks to Lily Jade for sending the Jennifer my way!!!

I’ll also save a highlight to my Instagram Stories in case you’d like a video, too! 🙂 Questions about the bag? Comment below!

Photography Credit: Jillian Michelle Photography

Please note that while this article does include affiliate links, I only share content or resources that I personally use. I might get a small kickback for purchases made through these links but wouldn’t recommend any of these resources unless I trusted using them in my own businesses/life. 🙂

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