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Launch Day: The New Blog is Live!

Well, gosh, y’all!! You’re officially hanging out on my new home on the web and I’m so glad it’s live!!! 👏👏👏

Megan of Megan Martin Creative is not only my biz bestie but such a magical unicorn when it comes to web design. This blogs feels so much like me and is a really fun, bright and, yes, PINK 😉 space to be in!!  💗💕

If you’ve been around since KS first began in 2016, you’ll see this is a very different look and approach to my brand.

As much as I love my old website (shout-out to With Grace & Gold for that!), I know this space is what my brand needs right now.

It’s not just a haircut – it’s a whole new ‘do for me.

I took away a lot of the old, and am rolling out a brand new “me”.

This site is exactly what I want it to be & need it to be in this season. No more 10+ page website. No more courses. No more online shop.

No more stuff.

It’s just me. And for the first time in a long time, I’m okay with that.

Over the past year, God has put such a yearning on my heart for less. He’s showing me how less really is more and I want to lean into that feeling. This blog is me boldly proclaiming that.

Does this mean I think course launches & online shops & new business adventures are bad?! NO WAY!! Who knows what this brand may be doing in a few years!! 😉 But right now, in this season, I know what I’m not doing.

See, for the longest time I thought it wasn’t enough that I launched Dear Sweetheart Events or Creative at Heart. (I re-read that sentence and I know it sounds absurd. But in my heart of hearts I felt like I hadn’t done ENOUGH. I thought I needed to do MORE, be MORE in order to feel content.)

When I first launched KS in 2016, I did it because I thought I needed a home on the web to not only have my own individual voice (outside of C@H and DSE), but also to launch big, crazy things under my own name – not under C@H or DSE.

Over the last year, God has very quietly & very humbly shaken my thoughts. He’s called me out, in only the way He can. 😉 And I’m slowly learning that it’s not about what I do. It’s about how I am.

I am His.

I am chosen.

I am loved.

He has given me amazing gifts. And He has made so many of my dreams come true.

He has blessed with me with a husband who adores me (and I him!), a baby boy I prayed desperately for and not one but TWO amazing businesses!!!! Why on earth would I think I needed a third to feel content?! I already have two!!!

This new blog is my answer to His call. It’s my answer – my bold proclaimation – of what He’s put on my heart that I know needs to be shared.

Enough really is enough.

And in Him, I already have enough.

This new KS is a space for me to just be me. No gimmicky launches. No instagram “k”.

Sure, I’ll share about virtual coaching and my awesome in-person intensive with Megan. But it will be peppered in, not the centerfold.

This is a space to share mamahood stories & small biz tips. A space to talk about the lows and highs of being a mamapreneur.

A space to encourage you as you step into your dreams.

This is me finding a corner of the internet that really is exactly what I want to share… not because I think I have to or feel like I should… but because I want to.

And while you’re here, there’s a few things I think you should do! 😉

👉 Click ‘Start Here’ in the top left corner. As the name suggestions, it’s the place I hope all of you can start so you fully understand my story & my heart for this blog.

👉 Click ‘Explore’ in the top right corner. This little button is one of my favorite features!! I love how it pops out big & bold & allows you to navigate my blog categories while also pointing you to some other fave pages on the site. (It also showcases one of my fave verses & my prayer over this little space.)

👉Leave me a comment on this post!! I’d love to connect with you!  👯

Thank you for all of your support over the years; it’s humbling & exciting & while I’m scarrrred about this new step, I am so gosh darn excited, too!!! Here’s to all the fun (& new!) in store!!

xo! kat

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  1. Megan Martin says:

    Love this post (and you!!) so much, friend! I’m so glad to see such joy & peace after a long road of trying to figure out where to take KS! You are a gift to me and so many! XOXO

  2. Val says:

    Love it, Kat!! And love your authenticity – God has the BEST in mind for us and it’s so so worth following his call! ❤️

  3. Erin Day says:

    Love the beautiful new website! It’s been fun to see you grow and develop your brand and business since 2016! Your teaching and writing have been a huge help and encouragement while building my business. Excited to see how the Lord continues to lead and guide you through this new season! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the new blog launch Kat! It’s beautiful and screams you and your brand. Can’t wait to continue following along.

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