How I Juggle Multiple Client Projects!

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How I Juggle Multiple Client Projects

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How I Juggle Multiple Client Projects

How I Juggle Multiple Client Projects

How I Juggle Multiple Client Projects

ANOTHER favorite topic of mine (and how I stay on top of it all!!) is on my YouTube this week: how I juggle multiple client projects using Trello! If you are a service business owner looking for a way to streamline your client to-do’s, watch this video to see exactly how I organize client work for myself and my team using a FREE online platform called Trello!! 

A little background: In my business I offer coaching, host a mastermind, and I have an integration agency where my team and I work with multiple visionaries at once bringing their dreams to life. (Wondering what an integrator is?? Think of business coaches on steroids!!) It’s not uncommon for my team to manage 8-10 clients at once!

So how do I juggle it all?? In this video I’m taking you into my actual Trello boards to see how you can use the FREE plan to organize and set up your boards, invite clients to use them, and organize your own to-dos and weekly plans. I even zoom in a little more to show you how I set up our client boards for both launches AND content!! Watch the video below to see how it’s possible to stay on top of ALL the moving pieces without losing your mind!!



PS: Want to learn more about Trello?? I’ve got another FREE Trello tutorial here that you’re going to want to check out TODAY!! Happy organizing!



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