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5 ways to build business momentum Kat Schmoyer Education #business #momentum #education #creative #smallbiz #entrepreneur

Business, On The Road To Full Time

When building a business, there are countless times we feel “stuck”.   The inquiries seem to have dried up, our inbox really has hit “inbox zero” and we’re seeing all the buzz off boss ladies “killing it” on social media with no idea how to get where they are.   Insert: business momentum.    In […]

5 Ways to Build Business Momentum in the Next 30 Days

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Business, On The Road To Full Time

When you’re starting a business, there are so many things to think about & it can look & feel pretty overwhelming. It’s the “overwhelming” part that tends to leave a lot of people scratching their heads and deciding to give up on the whole “business” thing and call it a “really expensive hobby”. But that’s […]

5 Reasons Your Biz Might Not Be Legit

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Business, For Wedding Planners, On The Road To Full Time

My inbox may or may not be my worst nightmare. It tends to get a little bit unorganized, all kinds of crazy & that much harder to reach 0!!  (I learned early on that if I let the emails pile up, it’s THAT much harder to knock ’em down!!!) My BIGGEST woe with my inbox […]

My #1 Time Saving Hack: Canned Emails

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Business, For Wedding Planners, On The Road To Full Time

Too many ideas, so little time. Sound like you? Oh, girl, me too. I’ve got so many ideas in my head it feels like 759352 tabs are always open. This means staying productive when my mind is constantly moving can be a challenge! I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to staying […]

5 Tried & True Ways to Be More Productive

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Business, For Wedding Planners, On The Road To Full Time

Oh boy. I know what you’re thinking. Kat, I don’t have time for yet another form of marketing.  I get it – I really, really do!! From Instagram to Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter … there are already SO MANY marketing tools to worry about!! It’s dizzying. And while I’m not one to tell you […]

Is Email Marketing Makin’ You Crazy?

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Business, On The Road To Full Time

You’re a one-(wo)man show working hard to build a sustainable, profitable business that allows you to keep doing what you love. You keep hearing that you CAN make your passion profitable. And you know that in order to keep GROWING your business, you’ll have to outsource at some point (since there will always only be […]

How to Grow Your Biz When You Don’t Have a Team

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