5 Tried & True Ways to Be More Productive - Kat Schmoyer

5 Tried & True Ways to Be More Productive

Five Ways to be More Productive - Kat Schmoyer

Too many ideas, so little time.

Sound like you?

Oh, girl, me too.

I’ve got so many ideas in my head it feels like 759352 tabs are always open.

This means staying productive when my mind is constantly moving can be a challenge!

I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to staying productive, focused & on task … and today I’m sharing those tips with you, too!

5 Ways To Be More Productive

1) Routine

I find that when I throw out “routine”, nothing gets done!! I encourage you to treat your business for exactly what it is – a business!! I have established “office hours” and a dress code. Now, the dress code absolutely included yoga pants & leggings:) I didn’t say your dress code shouldn’t be COMFORTABLE!:) I found that when I rolled out of bed and started working before showering, brushing my hair or even putting on a bra, I would get lethargic & loose momentum. Now when I get up, I fix breakfast, shower and/or change clothes & prepare for the day. I allow myself the privilege of routine JUST LIKE a 9-5, it’s just my own routine!:)

2) Block Scheduling

Similar to a routine, it helps to prepare your mind for the things you need to establish during your day. I am the most productive when I block schedule my day and conquer those tasks accordingly. I am the least productive when I have 10+ tabs open in Safari and I’m trying to do a dozen things at once! As much as I LOVE multi-tasking, even multi-task-ers have their limits!!

Block scheduling your day can look like this:

  • 8-9a Emails
  • 9-11 Creative at Heart
  • 11-12p Brides/Clients
  • 12-1 Lunch/Break
  • 1-3 Brides/Clients
  • 3-4 Projects
  • 4-5 Emails

Block scheduling your week can look like this:

  • Monday: Marketing (prep content for the week ahead)
  • Tuesday: Dear Sweetheart Events (bride / client work)
  • Wednesday: Creative at Heart (conference planning)
  • Thursday: Education (KS courses & projects)
  • Friday: Overflow / Close out the week

This is a SIMPLE example of block scheduling, but I wanted to show you how HELPFUL it can be for your business (and your sanity!). This way, I can truly focus on the things I need to focus on during their “block”. I’m able to tackle more things AND tackle them WELL!! I encourage you to sit down and think about the things you need to do on a average workday. Categories them & create a block scheduling system for yourself; try it for one month & see what you think after it’s all said & done!

3) Systems

Streamlining your process will ultimately make you breath a little easier. You’ll be able to keep track of what’s been done & maintain an incredible client experience across the board. I use several systems but here are a few favs:

Trello: List management system – Trello manages my every growing to-do list & allows me to update/edit on any device! I use it for both DSE & C@H and can’t image life without it!!!

—> Check out this blog post for a video tutorial!

Google Calendar: I said “see ya” to a paper planner & “hello” to efficiency & organization with an electronic calendar!

—> Watch this blog post for a video tutorial!

4) Taking breaks

This one may seem silly, but taking breaks can actually increase your productivity!! You need to allow yourself time off in order to be your most productive self when you ARE working!!

For me, going to the gym or running errands has become my “break”. It’s helpful for me to get out of the house & give my brain a break from staring at the screen.

It also means that my work week looks a bit different than a traditional 9-5. For example, because I usually work Saturday’s, I give myself Monday’s off. Monday’s are my day to run errands, sleep in, do laundry… I treat Monday’s like a Saturday and it’s a really great way for me to be MORE product Tues-Fri since I won’t have those things on my mind!!

5) Switching things up

This is another big one for me!!! Some days, you just want to work from the couch. Some days, my pink office is the most inciting. And some days I need a coffee shop environment to put me in the mood. The beauty of working from home is that YOU are in control!! Don’t be afraid to switch things up every few days, or whenever you’re in the mood!! A new environment can do wonders on your productivity!!

***BONUS TIP – – – 6) Wearing Headphones

Wearing headphones EVEN when I’m the only one in the house helps me to get SO MUCH more work done!!! (I don’t know if it’s because I used to wear headphones studying in college?!) Whatever it is, I am 3x more productive if I turn up the tunes, plug in my headphones & get to work!!! I’m currently wearing them as I write this! Try it for yourself & let me know what you think!!:)


What do you think? Ready to tackle that to-do list with a bit of passion & a whole lot of productivity?!

You got this, girl.


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xo! kat

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