Is Email Marketing Makin’ You Crazy?

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Oh boy.

I know what you’re thinking.

Kat, I don’t have time for yet another form of marketing. 

I get it – I really, really do!! From Instagram to Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter … there are already SO MANY marketing tools to worry about!! It’s dizzying. And while I’m not one to tell you what you have to do, I do want to give you a little advice…

Email Marketing is something you need to focus on.

Email Marketing is something you need to make a priority in your business.

Email Marketing has the ability to double, triple, even quadruple your sales.

And Email Marketing isn’t as hard as you think it is.  

I’ve used Email Marketing techniques to launch multiple Creative at Heart Conferences, online courses, shop products, and coaching programs. My strategies aren’t perfect because, hey, no one is & we’re all just figuring out this crazy world of small biz ownership!!!! But I WILL tell you that email marketing WORKS, and I want to see you do it & do it WELL!!! 

Lucky for you my friend Megan Martin feels the same way I do – so she’s put together 11 masterminds to break down Email Marketing & give you the no-fluff stuff.

Content that’s tested, vetted & ready to be implemented. After this 3 day online summit, you’ll be ready to rock & roll with your email list – I just know it! 🙂 Here are all the details:

  • When: June 4-6
  • Where: Your home – with wine, messy hair & no bra (or maybe that’s just me)
  • You can watch it live, but you’ll also have access to the recordings for 30 days after the event
  • There are TWO ticket options: The Email Summit Ticket ($89) and The Email Summit Ticket Boss Bundle ($169).
  • Use code KAT for $10 off EITHER ticket price!! 
  • Ready to cut the chaos & step up your Email Marketing game? REGISTER HERE

Here’s a FULL list of speakers & topics:

  • Kat Schmoyer | Kat Schmoyer – Give ‘Em Something to Talk About: Launch Strategies for the Creative Entrepreneur
  • Dannie Lynn Fountain | Dannie Fountain –  How Authentic Marketing can Triple Your Conversion Rates: How weekly stories about whiskey and being on the road tripled my open and conversion rates and ways you can do the same.
  • Meghan Maydel | Meghan Maydel – Keeping Evergreen Content So Fresh and So Clean: Legit email strategies to help you sell your evergreen content to your list without feeling like a broken record.
  • Bonnie Bakhtiari | B is for Bonnie Design – Your Brand Story + Voice – Inspiring Connection through Authenticity: Develop an authentic brand story and overarching voice that represents your heart, speaks to your ideal clients, and inspires connection.
  • Natalie Franke | Natalie Franke – Email Marketing Mobilization: From new contact to customer to brand evangelist—we’ll walk through email marketing strategies to mobilize your audience.
  • Ashlyn Carter | Ashlyn Writes – How to Write an Email Marketing Funnel in 5 Simple Steps (And Get it Right the First Time), so your email newsletter can talk directly to your dreamboat clients and maximize conversions.
  • Casey Snipes | Casey Renae Design Agency – The Anxiety of Pushing Send: Learn how to end email marketing anxiety and have your subscribers wanting more!
  • Tyler McCall | Tyler J. McCall – Turning Followers Into Subscribers: Learn how to move your followers off of Instagram and onto your mailing list using compelling content.
  • Michelle Hickey | Michelle Hickey Design – Establishing Dependability through Email: The key to earning a consistent stream of subscribers, and keep them coming back for more.
  • Cristina Barragan | Posh Peony  – Nurturing Clients Through An Email Series: Learn how to Establish Your Expertise and Build Trust to Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Rachel Heckmann | Rachel Allene – Product Shop Email Marketing 101: Learn the importance of email marketing for product shop owners and how to grow a list of engaged and loyal customers

Ready to register?? Use code KAT for $10 off one of two ticket options!


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