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5 ways to build business momentum Kat Schmoyer Education #business #momentum #education #creative #smallbiz #entrepreneur

5 Ways to Build Business Momentum in the Next 30 Days

When building a business, there are countless times we feel “stuck”.


The inquiries seem to have dried up, our inbox really has hit “inbox zero” and we’re seeing all the buzz off boss ladies “killing it” on social media with no idea how to get where they are.


Insert: business momentum. 


In order to build your business … in order to maintain business growth … you have to build MOMENTUM in your business. You need to find ways to get people talking about your business (in the best of ways), and use the saying “perception is reality” to the best of your ability!!


Building momentum is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. 


There are steps you can take to grow your business strategically, and below are 5 Ways To Build Momentum in Your Business In The Next 30 Days!


5 ways to build momentum in your business in the next 30 days // Kat Schmoyer Education #business #creative #smallbiz #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #motivation #encouragement #focus


  1. Focus on your inner circle. 


Before trying to shoot for the moon, let’s look at what we’re working with. How many Instagram followers do you have? Facebook fans? Email subscribers? (Don’t be embarrassed!!) These are YOUR people. Before trying to grow that following, think of ways you can get THESE people talking about your business!! By shifting their mindset, they will automatically start talking about you – and talking about you LOUDLY – to others. This creates a domino effect and more followers will naturally come over & see what all the commotion is about!!


  1. Get the most out of every client. 


Perception really IS reality … and that alone is our love-hate relationship with social media! I say let’s use this to our advantage!! While you never, ever want to be dishonest, you can be strategic and make the most of every single thing you do in your business. For example: if you’re a wedding planner currently struggling to book clients & you only have 1 or 2 on your calendar, you need to make the MOST out of those clients!! Rather than ONLY sharing about their wedding day, you need to capitalize on every moment spent with them. Share behind the scenes of venue visits, client meetings, emails, design boards, timelines … anything & everything you possibly can!! By doing this,  you will give yourself even more content (and imagery) to post, and show your followers the busy work you have going on behind the scenes (they can’t tell if it’s 2 clients or 20!)!


  1. Share one image from everything you do. 


Sometimes this can be the most difficult (especially for you non-photographers out there!). But if #2 makes you feel queasy, I at least what you to do this! Regardless of whether the client is “ideal” or not, I want you to be share ONE image from every wedding, shoot, project, client, etc. that you are working with. This will automatically give you content for #2, while allowing your followers to see what you’re up to (and that you ARE up to something!). If you have a hard time finding images from projects that fit your brand, share a behind the scenes image or focus in on one specific thing that DOES fit your brand. For example, when working with brides my ideal client is not a “city wedding”. Have I worked with city couples before? Yes. However I prefer a winery, barn or private venue. When working on a city wedding, I don’t want to share too much of the “city” because I don’t want to attract other clients who have a similar taste; I carefully & strategically select the images I will share on social media & the blog so that (a) I show that I am busy (b) I share about the wedding (c) I share through the lens of my ideal client and (d) I build business momentum by doing so!


  1. Play up your strengths. 


When focusing on building business momentum, it can be easy to look at all the things you aren’t doing (or can’t do). I want to take the opposite approach … focus on what you CAN do! Grab a pen & write down 3 things that come naturally to you. They can be anything! Then think about how they relate to your business!!


Let me do it so you can see an example:

(1) Writing (2) Relating to People (3) Taking Charge


(1) Writing relates to my business through Content Marketing (blogging, Instagram captions, etc) (2) Relating to People allows me to Connect with my Clients in a very personal way (3) Taking Charge is a nice way of saying “bossy” and means I am very Assertive on Wedding Day!


What are your three things & how do they relate to your business?


  1. Keep saying yes. 


When you’re building business momentum, you need to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. (I wrote more about saying “yes” to every client here!) The more you say “yes”, the more people will know your name, hear about your business & you’ll see that business momentum in full effect!! While there is always a season of rest during the hustle – remember this is a marathon, not a sprint – if your focus is to build business momentum you need to say “yes” to as many opportunities as you can in order to reap the benefits of those opportunities!!


Ready to see your business momentum grow even more? Download my tool-kit for the tools I use to build momentum!! 



xo! kat

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