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It’s really hard for me to turn off work-mode. And I’m assuming you other entrepreneurs out there can feel the same way. It all started when I was On The Road To Full Time … work-life balance became an unrealistic an unheard of term. In my first 12 months of owning Dear Sweetheart Events, I […]

How This Workaholic Took Time Off

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Wanna know what I consider to one of my biggest business mistakes? Bookkeeping – or my lack there of. I remember thinking that because I didn’t have a lot of money coming in, investing in a bookkeeper wasn’t necessary. But the problem was I didn’t have any idea how to set up my own books. […]

Should you hire a Bookkeeper?

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I’m going to go out on a limb here & say that there will be a situation in your business where you will get hurt whether you call yourself a “sensitive” person or not. I share a lot of personal content on the blog, on instagram & in person. I also share a lot about […]

What To Do When Business Gets Personal

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Before you gasp & slam your laptop shut, bear with me. I promise I’m not crazy… well, only a little crazy:) As a disclaimer – let me start by saying there are exceptions to everything. If a potential client is asking you to do something against your morals or standard of ethics, you should never […]

Why You Should Never Say No To A Not-So-Ideal Client In Year One

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Oh, Trello. If you’ve been following my biz for the last few years, you know that Trello might just be my favorite biz tool! I love it, a lot! I’ve been using it for almost 3 years & have learned what works (& what doesn’t work) for me & my business. In the last 6 […]

Trello Reinvented

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Wow! Time is flying by, y’all!!! When my On The Road To Full Time coaching program kicked off in January (with a bonus session in December), I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect!! While I LOVE the content and get fired up encouraging & challenging women who are working on their side-hustle, I had […]

On the Road to Full Time: We’re Halfway!

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