I’m a little obsessed with Trello, if you haven’t noticed. 😉 And why wouldn’t I be?! It’s such a powerful tool for small business owners… and it’s FREE!! No matter what kind of work you do, being able to see what’s happening in your business at a glance is such a great thing! And as much as I love Trello, I know that it can also feel overwhelming if you don’t spend all day every day in it. Today, I want to share my 5 most used Trello hacks that make my life easier and using the software that much simpler! You’ll be a Trello pro before you know it.

1. Click on labels to see them.

I love using labels to visually see what’s happening on various boards and it’s a great way to organize yourself (and your team). You can name the label so that each color has a different title. If you click on the label, the text will actually appear to reveal the name. Then you don’t have to remember what each color means!

Here’s a view of the label colors:

Tips for labeling Trello boards

And here’s how it looks after I click to reveal the text:

Top Trello hacks for labels

2. Linking boards on boards.

I LOVE this feature! Linking boards means you can internally link boards around your account. It’s super handy for my team members so they can navigate between the boards they use. All you do is add the URL to the card (see below!) –

internally linking boards for Trello account

Once you do, it will automatically create an intuitive card board – easy, peasy! You can’t beat that kind of automation.

top trello hacks to internally link boards

3. Having more than 10 boards on a free account

For years I used the free Trello account, which is amazing and a great way to get started with Trello! The one “con” to the free account is that you can’t have more than 10 boards. I found a work-around by creating WORKSPACES for categories in my business & then boards related to those categories can go under each workspace. This allows me to have up to 10 board PER workspace!! I can still stay organized and save some money in my business!

Most used Trello hacks for creating workspaces

4. Optimize card descriptions whenever possible.

Below, you’ll see a snapshot of how I do that on our blog board. All I mean by optimizing is that I keep as much info as possible on the card description so we don’t have to open multiple documents while doing our work! It saves everyone time, seriously! Now, I can go to ONE place and find EVERYTHING I need!! It’s super helpful when you have a team with various people doing a variety of steps each. (PS. Learn more about my Blog Workflow here!)

optimize board descriptions on Trello


5. Write 5 dashes in a row to add a hairline.

Sounds super easy, right? But, it can be HUGE for helping make sure your cards don’t feel overwhelming! A hairline is something I use when breaking up text on a card description OR on a list! It’s seriously SO helpful for keeping your boards looking clean + organized!

Here’s the before of a card description:

how to add hairline on Trello board

And here’s the after!

Trello board with hairline

It also helps organize my List; you can type 5 dashes on a card, and it will make it look like this:

add hairline to Trello board

There’s so many amazing hacks to make Trello work for YOU! These are just a few of my favorites! I can’t wait to hear about how Trello is changing your business!

Do you have questions about any of these hacks? Comment & let me know! I’m happy to help! 🙂




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Top 5 most used trello hacks from Kat Schmoyer Top Trello hacks for managing your workflow


































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