On last month’s webinar, we talked a lot about Time Management and one of my favorite tools: Trello!

One question that came up was Block Scheduling – what is it, how do you do it and is it actually beneficial. I thought it would be helpful if I broke it down for you because I, personally, find it to be the most helpful thing for my own productivity!!


What is it: Block Scheduling is when you block off dedicated time during your work-hours for various tasks. Examples of a block schedule:

8-8:30 Social Media

8:30-9:30 Emails

9:30-10:30 Priority Tasks for the day

10:30-12:00 Client Projects

12:00-1:00 Lunch / Social Media Break

1:00-2:00 Emails

2:00-4:00 Client Projects

4:00-5:00 Overflow time (additional time needed for emails, client projects, priority tasks, etc.)

5:00-5:30 Decide what tomorrow’s priority tasks will be

(I use Trello to help me differentiate my Priority tasks from my To-Dos and Client Projects!)


How do you do it: I began Block Scheduling my time when I was #ontheroadtofulltime. I would designate certain days of the week for venue visits, consultations, etc. and other days for “in office” days. I have since done it since I left my full-time job because it helps me stay focused throughout the day!

I have also broken down “office days” to look like the above schedule! I designate time for all the various tasks I am responsible for – this means actually closing my inbox so I can stay focused on what I need to focus on!!! I’ll block out 3 hour time-slots to pre-blog & schedule all posts for the week, check emails, work on client gifts, organize C@H logistics, and so many other things!!

Practical Tip: I challenge you to brain dump EVERYTHING you are doing for your business!! After you write them all down, begin to categorize them (I think you’ll see overarching themes). Then you’ll be able to see how you can schedule them to work TOGETHER vs. against each other!! 


The benefits of block scheduling: It’s all about finding a schedule that WORKS for you!! We will NEVER be able to add more time to the day, but we CAN use our time more efficiently to make the MOST of the time we DO have!!

When you wear a variety of “small biz hats” it’s nice to train your brain to FOCUS on one area at a time!! Some days I will focus on C@H, some days I focus on DSE and some days are both!! Block scheduling my day (and the days I’m out of the office) allows me to be more efficient with the time I DO have!

Practical Tip: Try it for 2-3 weeks! See what happens! If it’s not for you, then don’t continue doing it; but you’ll never know until you attempt it!:) 


Are you block scheduling your day or week? How do you organize it? Is it helpful to you? 

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  1. Block scheduling is such a wonderful idea!! I love that it allows you to touch everything a little each day rather than losing track of time on just on project and then causing other things to get pushed to the next day! I am currently a part-time planner with a full-time job, husband and 19 month little kiddo so time management is crucial! I love these tips and will definitely be putting them to use! Maybe I can be a full-time planner one day too

  2. Nadine Smith says:

    I’m trying this out this week! Wish me luck 🙂

  3. […] is simply looking at your tasks for the day, and scheduling out time for each of those tasks. Kat Schmoyer has a helpful breakdown on her […]

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